When Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III brought the greatest Brown Jim Brown back to the Cleveland Browns front office he thought it was a move that would inspire greatness to the team. Jim Brown who is 77-years-old, failed to show up to an event he was scheduled to attend, because he was too tired.

Is Brown too old to make a difference in Cleveland? If he can’t show up to a planned event because he was too tired, how is that gong to inspire anyone that plays for the Cleveland Browns? Jim Brown and the Cleveland Browns may not be the match made in heaven that Haslam III presented it to be.

The man is old and he doesn’t get around like he used to. Browns best days may be behind him and his age could be a big factor as to why he is tired. People expected to see the greatest Brown that ever played the game and they were left disappointed.

When the past regime let Brown go, they may have known something about him that wasn’t made public. The past regime was paying Browns a lot of money and if he isn’t going to show up to events you have to wonder if he is worth his salary.

I am a huge fan of Jim Brown, the guy was a hero in Cleveland and around the country. Lets face the facts at his age, it is a wonder he can still walk after the years he played in the NFL. He better get some rest so he doesn’t miss any more planned events.

It is going to be a long season for Jim Brown, lets hope he can make it through it.



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Readers Comments (3)

  1. rick

    It should not matter how much they are paying him, he does not count against any cap or anything. If they want the best ever to be the ambassador for us, then they can do it, does not matter if he’s asleep or not. GO BROWNIES!!!

  2. 1stAnubiis

    I believe this was an isolated incident and just happened at an inconvenient time. He had been doing a lot of traveling and interviews (like the one he did on NFL network) so at his age it was not surprising just a little disappointing. I’m sure he will be fine and so to the Browns.

  3. Grammar Police

    Was Jimmy Haslam’s Jim Brown deal a mistake? The old NFL veteran was to tired to show up to an event.

    Hey LG……do some studying on the proper use of the words to & too: Should have read….NFL veteran was TOO tired to show up to an event


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