D’Qwell Jackson the line-backer the Cleveland Browns released today, was clearly one of the best defensive players the team had. He was a leader both on and off the field. He always kept a winning attitude and helped develop the right attitude in the younger players.

Today the team that says over and over, how they aren’t the same old Cleveland Browns released Jackson. Could it be because of the 4.1 million dollar roster bonus Jackson would be due, if he was still on the team on March 15th?

It is hard for the fans in Cleveland to accept the fact Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III always says this is not the same old Cleveland Browns. Then he turns around and lets one of the best producing players on the Browns defense walk.

It is my understanding that both sides met, and they both agreed on the release. Jackson was sure he would be back in a Browns uniform at the end of last season. The team could have just made one big mistake letting this guy go.

Jackson had the ability to be a play maker on the teams defense and I think the Browns are going to miss this guy.

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  1. gary slagle

    great articlwe WTF were the browns thinking

    • LG

      Wish I knew what they were thinking

      • JIM V

        Well Gang, “Here we go again!” Haslam hasn’t learned “shit”!!! Jackson was the heart of the Defense! Let us all be real! Rookies learn some what how to play in the NFL. from the coaches! But it’s the outstanding Vet’s especially as leaders who really do the teaching! I just had this gut feeling they were going to let Jackson go! Give me 4 preseason games, and I’ll bet I can tell you who’ll make it and who won’t as a good player. And I’m not a Pro in any way in the NFL…I’m really Pissed!!!

        • LG

          You’re right Jim V, D’Qwell was a proven leader on this team. He will be missed

  2. marty

    LG, This doesn’t surprise me at all. It is the same story. Management makes a bad decision. This won’t be the only bad decision. If they pick Boyles that will be another one.

    • LG

      Hard to believe they let Q’Qwell go before they let Weeden go….

  3. Leon II

    I love Jackson but this needs put in proper perspective. Jackson would have made 9.43m if he played for the Browns this year, one of the top paid ILB in the NFL. To compare he would have made a million and a half more then Daryl Washington, Arizona, ranked 3, about the same as Navorro Bowman, SF, ranked 2,and about .5 million less then Patrick Wilson, SF, ranked 1. Some may say Jackson deserves elite pay but let’s look at reality.

    While Jackson might be one of the best players on the Browns defense he only ranked #19 among ILBs in the NFL. He is still effective in coverage but too often was ineffective against the run. He didn’t have a single impact play all season. Additionally, as the season wore on his production declined. He will be 31 next September and clearly time is catching up to him.

    The sad reality is that Jackson’s time as a starter is coming to an end sooner rather than later. He could still be a decent starter for many teams for another year or two but he truly would be better utilized as a specialist in passing situations. Sadly time is catching up with him.

    Jackson was not going to stay in Cleveland for another 3 or 4 years at that type of salary he should receive without a Super Bowl in sight. The Browns were not going to give him elite pay despite losing his leadership. The best option for both therefore was to part ways and the Browns at least had the class to release him before Free Agency so he could have a jump on finding a good landing spot.

    • JIM V

      Leon II I agree with just about everything you said! But here is what you missed. The new players need a “Teacher”! Not only from the sidelines or from a booth. But on the field! The defensive coordinator can call to the field a formation. The guy on the field may see something that he’s seen before and change it! The leadership factor is always over looked so much with the Browns, regardless who the Coaches or Owner are! For example, Steelers defense. I think his name is Palamotto! However in this world, Money gets in the way! He will be very missed by the Fans & Players.

      • Leon II

        I agree completely Jim V. and in all honesty that leadership/mentor role should have, and probably did equate to their willing to pay him more then he will get on the open market. However, I think it ultimately came down to Jackson feeling the value of that role on a team that would not appear to be Super Bowl bound team in the near future was more then the Browns were willing to pay. He will be very missed in a Browns uniform regardless of the reason.

  4. JIM V

    LG and my fellow Browns Fans! As we go forward into this season, trying to make sense of what the Browns Management does. Just remember one thing! How Jimmy Haslam ran his Truck stop Business! Any questions?

    • LG

      We still don’t know if Haslam is going to prison yet either.

  5. jackrabbit21

    Maybe management tried to keep him. I am thinking Jackson wants to play for a Super Bowl contender before his career ends. I have always felt that an NFL player’s ultimate goal is a Super Bowl ring to cap off a career in the NFL. I felt that way about Dawson also. If management did not want a leader and great player like him, then the Browns deserve to be losers.

    • jwm

      I think Leon II hit it right on, $9.4 mil is a large chunk of change for an aging LB (inside LB at that) who struggles to stop the run. Look at the tape, most of his RB stops happen 5 yards down field. It sucks because I feel as though he loved it here, and was really one of the faces of the franchise, with his grit coming back from those two injuries to play well. But we need a “young gun” to take over that position and groom into a leader. Will his on/off the field example be missed, heck yeah, but this is also a business and I for one think Farmer made the right decision. An ILB at D’Qwell’s size and age should be on the outside, not inside (see Luke Kuechly). But there’s no way that would work, his coverage skills are pretty bad. Regarding the Polamalu reference, that’s a completely different discussion. Troy’s position allows him to be wherever he sees fit, not near as much responsibility as he used to have, versus ILB needs to be a the backbone of your defense. I think C.J. Mosely would be a good fit, the question is are you willing to make him the 4th pick overall, cuz its either there or dropping back a few spots. Personally I’d take a tackle at #4…Matthews or Robinson.

      • JIM V

        JWM, I do understand your point! However consider this. Here we go again! Jackson did not come out as a “Rookie” and become a leader and mentor. So basically we start over waiting for a player that will fill Jackson’s shoes which will take time! That seems the Browns game plan for players every season. Now when we find another Jackson(s), they will want a Superbowl Ring, then they are gone! The only whey this team is ever going to go anywhere, is when the same players are for the most part, the same ones basically or benchmarks one season to the next! So how long do we want to see the Browns be the youngest team in NFL or close to it? One other thing. A lot of tackles take more then one man! You would not want to give me $50.00 for all the missed tackles last season! first & second down, Great! third down, usually turned into, First & Ten.

        • JIM V

          One more comment on this. Then I’ll drop it! Yes we all understand it’s a Business! However, That doesn’t mean who ever is making the business decision(s) is a “Good” businessman(s)! We all have seen that since 1999!


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