The Cleveland Browns lost their 11th game of the 2017 season to the Cincinnati Bengals by a score of 30-16. It looked like the Browns may have had a chance in this one, especially when they scored a touchdown with 6 minutes and 57 seconds left in the 4th to pull within 7.

But then it happened, the Bengals were in a 3rd and 5 and the refs called  Jabrill Peppers  with an unnecessary roughness penalty, giving the Bengals a first down. The fans didn't like the call, and many of them still don't like it.

But Peppers said after the game that the Refs got it right. He said he should have went lower with the hit, especially in a critical situation like the one the Browns were in.

Did this call change the momentum of the game? Sure it did, but when you are 0-10 on the season, the fans look for any excuse for the team. The Browns are now 0-11 on the season, and they aren't getting the calls from the refs that are needed for a win.

It's tough being a fan of the Cleveland Browns. For years they've been looking for a winner, and it's clear the team isn't headed in the right direction. It's very possible the team goes 0-16 this season.

The Browns take on the Chargers next Sunday and after the beating the Chargers administered to the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving day, it's highly unlikely they are going to lose to the Cleveland Browns.

It could happen, but I wouldn't bet on it. Then the Browns play the Green Bay Packers on December 10th. The Packers lost to the Steelers last night, but they were able to put up 28 points. If Cleveland is going to get a win this season, it could come against Green Bay.

Then they face the Ravens, who beat them in their first match up and then the Bears which could be a win for the Browns.

It's going to be interesting to see if Cleveland can avert going 0-16. They have a solid shot at beating the Bears, but win you are on a losing streak such as the Browns are, it's very difficult to play with confidence.......


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