For years there were rumors floating around the city of Cleveland claiming, Tom Cousineau was gay. For years both Cousineau and his agent have denied those rumors. What if Tom Cousineau were playing in the NFL today. Would he come out ans say he is gay? Would Cousineau feel strong enough in 2013 to tell what some call the truth?

It is difficult to say what a guy like Tom Cousineau would do in 2013. There were gay players in all major sports for years. The thing was they didn't come out and flaunt it. There is little reason for teammates to worry about another teammates sexuality as long as that player did his job.

I recently had a conversation with a former teammate of Cousineau's, we will withhold the players name and say, he and others in the Browns locker room had little to no doubt about Cousineau's sexuality. He also said the guy was big and he could go out on the field and bash guys around while doing his job. He even spoke of a time when Cousineau had to visit a hospital E.R. to have something removed from where it didn't belong.

Rumors about Tom Cousineau were flying around the city of Cleveland like crazy in the late 80's. According to the guy who I talked with, the rumors weren't rumors at all. He said there was a lot of truth to those stories.

When Tom Cousineau was cut by the Cleveland Browns his agent, John Geletka said it was because of the Gay rumors that surrounded his clients sexuality.  Former Browns owner Art Model, said Cousineau's release had nothing to do with his sexuality and everything to do with his skill level.

In a 1987 Cleveland Plain Dealer article, Cousineau continued to deny he was a homosexual. He went on to say, he didn't know how the rumors got started. He said it was probably a player who was angry that he made more money than him.

What would Tom Cousineau do in 2013 if he was just entering the NFL? You can read the Cousineau Plain Dealer Article by clicking here.

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