For years there were rumors floating around the city of Cleveland claiming, Tom Cousineau was gay. For years both Cousineau and his agent have denied those rumors. What if Tom Cousineau were playing in the NFL today. Would he come out ans say he is gay? Would Cousineau feel strong enough in 2013 to tell what some call the truth?

It is difficult to say what a guy like Tom Cousineau would do in 2013. There were gay players in all major sports for years. The thing was they didn’t come out and flaunt it. There is little reason for teammates to worry about another teammates sexuality as long as that player did his job.

I recently had a conversation with a former teammate of Cousineau’s, we will withhold the players name and say, he and others in the Browns locker room had little to no doubt about Cousineau’s sexuality. He also said the guy was big and he could go out on the field and bash guys around while doing his job. He even spoke of a time when Cousineau had to visit a hospital E.R. to have something removed from where it didn’t belong.

Rumors about Tom Cousineau were flying around the city of Cleveland like crazy in the late 80′s. According to the guy who I talked with, the rumors weren’t rumors at all. He said there was a lot of truth to those stories.

When Tom Cousineau was cut by the Cleveland Browns his agent, John Geletka said it was because of the Gay rumors that surrounded his clients sexuality.  Former Browns owner Art Model, said Cousineau’s release had nothing to do with his sexuality and everything to do with his skill level.

In a 1987 Cleveland Plain Dealer article, Cousineau continued to deny he was a homosexual. He went on to say, he didn’t know how the rumors got started. He said it was probably a player who was angry that he made more money than him.

What would Tom Cousineau do in 2013 if he was just entering the NFL? You can read the Cousineau Plain Dealer Article by clicking here.

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  1. Anonymous

    its to bad that the moron in wasington has shut down the contry and the browns are in trouble because of the greed from the big wigs and all you have to talk about is some fudge packin moron from the 80′s i will never read this sXXt again

    • LG

      It is the sign of the times.

    • ABrown

      Between anonymous and dogpile we have the definitive authorities on “fudge packing”. And their attitudes show that Cleveland may not be ready for the NFL anti-discrimination moves.

      It would have been professional suicide for a football player in the ’80s to “come out.” We see here that it would still be hard for a player in Cleveland in 2013. If players don’t flaunt their sexual choices — like some do with all kinds of problems at strip clubs and with prostitutes — are respected team mates, and do their job, there’s no reason anyone should give them grief.

      What they do in their private lives is no business of the fans or management. What is a problem is when players make their private issues public, or let’s say their private business issues public, as our owner has done.

      That’s what hurts a team.

  2. Anonymous

    This is a wildly irresponsible article, even by internet standards. Shame on you.

    • LG

      How so? It asked the question, what would have been of Cousineau if he had been a NFL player in 2013? Would things have been different for him?

    • JR

      How can they allow this moron to print this garbage? Is this some kid in a basement? ..And this reject is making NFL draft analysis ?!?!!

      • LG

        It’s easy JR, it is called freedom of speech….Look it up it is in the constitution , I think it is under the first amendment rights….The same rights that give you the ability to come in here and makes statements….Isn’t it great?

  3. Anonymous

    Nonsense. The whole premise of the article is summed up in the phrase “Would Cousineau feel strong enough to tell in 2013 what some call the truth?” That’s your hook to spend the rest of the piece spreading salacious 25-year old rumors from unnamed sources about Tom Cousineau’s sexuality.

    • LG

      I can tell you the UN-named source was a teammate with Cousineau. He thought it was a funny that Collins came out the other day and that is what started the conversation. I also put the link to a plain dealer article in the article so people can make up there own minds. Cousineau’s story is linked so it isn’t as though it is totally one sided….

      • Mzggie Dodd White Eagle

        This article is pure trash. I happened to know Tom then and his girlfriend. We would shake our heads and laugh at the stories we heard every weekend about Tom because we knew exactly where he was. He was out with us. People who start this stuff up and keep it going 25 years later are simply not playing with a full deck. Tom was a great ball player and is a gentleman. Anything else is nobodies business.

  4. JohnnyV

    Over the years I think we all heard the rumors. In those days I had a close association with the Bay Area Browns Backers and they knew about it.

    I believe he went to Fariview Hospital for the extraction.

    Rather fitting that after the Browns he went on to play at Candlestick Park.

    At the end of the day I could care less. He did have some good years for the Browns.

    • ABrown

      JohnnyV, thanks for that info about his going on to play for the 49ers. Good post. Hopefully, soon no one will care whether a player is gay or straight — just that he does his job and gives his all on the field.

    • OSU grad

      A Portage County prosecutor who sent several people to electric chair was consulted about the prosecution of Cousineau. He told the attorney (in a western Ohio county) to let him go.

      I heard of this from an impeccable source.

      I don’t care about Cousineau’s sexuality. I knew him to be arrogant and unfriendly on campus. He seems to be a dissembling individual who was unconscionably aggressive on and off the field.

      That he was a mediocre NFL player is a mystery. The late Eddie Johnson was a lot lighter and less heralded, and a much better football player.

      The fact that Cousineau ran for the Ohio House as a Republican is the zenith of hypocrisy.

  5. DawgPile

    LG right now I’m thinking that we’d all be a lot happier if your dad had been gay…

    • LG

      Ya think?

      • ABrown

        LG, I think you are carrying your dedication to letting anyone with an internet connection click on this site and say whatever they want a little too far again.

        But since they are exercising their rights of expression, I’ll exercise mine.

        It’s a well known psychological phenomenon that guys who are most aggressively anti-gay and become so nervous at the mere mention of the subject are often trying to suppress their own homosexual desires.

        That may help everyone understand why DawgPile really wishes your father had been gay.

        Hang in there, LG. It’s important to talk about this issue even if it means you will be attacked for it by a few readers.

        • LG

          You know I will hang in there….Thanks

        • bobg

          What issue?There is no issue.People can do and be what they want.No need for a idiotic article about it


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