Josh Gordon is no stranger to failed drug tests. He failed 3 times while he was in college. Last week the world found out Gordon had another problem passing a drug test. This time Gordon made a statement that his failed drug test was from the use of codeine that was in the cough medicine his doctor prescribed while he was battling with strep throat back in February.

The NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement has made it easy for the players to lay out false claims about the substances they have used. The NFL cannot expose the substances the players have used, because of the CBA.

If you do an internet search for NFL banned substances, you’ll find a list on the NFL players association’s web site. It isn’t something they are trying to hide. The list is available to anyone who does an internet search for NFL banned substances. You can view it here.

Seeing how the banned substance list is on the players association web-site you would think it is current.

What you cannot find is the word codeine anywhere on that list. Either the list is outdated or the Browns receiver Josh Gordon isn’t being truthful about his suspension. The tip we got when we first questioned whether Gordon left the habits behind that caused him to fail 3 drug tests in college, was that Gordon tested positive for the use of marijuana.

How did we get this tip? We know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who works for the Browns. All these guys were together for a cookout over the Memorial day weekend.

Once the beers started to flow, the guy who works for the Browns said Gordon failed a drug test for the use of marijuana. Is this true? We can’t prove it. Could it be true, sure it could. It isn’t like Gordon has a clean past and it would be a shock to think he would smoke pot.

It is a little difficult to think that an NFL player can’t be treated by a doctor without being suspended by the NFL. These guys aren’t super-human. They get sick like anyone else. Of they are under a doctors care you would think the NFL would cut them some slack.

I think the NFL banned substance list was put in place to stop guys from using performance enhancement drugs, not to stop them from being treated for strep throat. It is hard to imagine that the NFL would punish a player for being under a doctors care and using cough medicine during the off-season.

That brings us back the the question in the head-line. Is Josh Gordon being truthful about his NFL suspension?


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  1. Jc

    Of course not

  2. eldaveablo

    “I think the NFL banned substance list was put in place to stop guys from using performance enhancement drugs”

    You mean, like, pot? You know, your whole theory?


    If codeine is not on the list then the NFL did not ban him for codeine use.
    There’s a reason Gordon is losing 4 game checks and two games of playing time. He took a banned substance. The NFL has deemed Gordon “guilty.”
    Several players have used codeine as an excuse for getting caught on Purple Drank. It’s the “line of the day” for current NFL players.
    Gordon took something he shouldn’t. It was his responsibility to know what he was taking. I don’t buy his excuses.

    • LG

      I don’t buy the excuse either…

  4. NDurante

    at least one article confirms it is a banned substance –

    “NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said codeine is among the banned substances the league tests for, but said he didn’t know if there had been any codeine-related suspensions”

    That story was written in 2011, its a non story. Of course that would never stop your site from publishing what you ultimately pass off as a news report.

    I wouldn’t expect your site to bother getting confirmation of the substance as banned before you publish a report calling Josh a liar, since that would preclude you being able to maintain your reputation of generating web traffic exclusively through titulating “journalism”.

    Perhaps you can stick to the facts, since you aren’t very good at conjecture.

    Although the exact word “codeine” is not on the Pdf from 2010, the NFL has already confirmed it is a substance they test for and is banned.

    • LG

      Than why is it not on the PDF document that the Player association have on their web site? Wouldn’t you think this is the site a player would visit to see what is and is not on the banned substance list? You cannot say we don’t research a story here at Cleveland Sports 360, we went to the NFL banned substance list, we even included a link to it within the article. So to say we don’t research an article is completely irresponsible on your part…

      • Nicholas

        I have pointed out that NFL spokesman states that it is a banned substance and is tested for — I found that information without any formal background in journalism or research. Is marijuana or cocaine on the list? is speed on the list? is crack on the list? is lsd on the list? my point is that you take the absence of a word in a document to assert that it is NOT a banned substance, and therefore Josh is a liar. I have proven this assertion to be not only irresponsible, but deliberately misleading in its premise. So, to say that you dont research THOROUGHLY enough to draw accurate and factual conclusions is, in a word, FACTUAL. :)

        • LG

          If it is not on the list that is published on the players associations web-site then the list is very misleading. Why not have a complete list if it is a banned substance? This way if a player goes there to check he would know it is a banned substance.

  5. JK

    Not that I implicitly trust Josh but it doesn’t matter if a doctor prescribes you something or not – THE PLAYER has the responsibility to notify the NFL PRIOR to taking any banned substance and they (NFL) will review and then can waive the infraction. You cannot retroactively present a prescripiton or give medical testimony to achieve the same effect. ‘After-the-fact’ explanations do not work.
    Either way JG is the one to blame and just more proof of what a clueless, immature moron he is


    LG…..I appreciate your story and believe that you properly did your research. Unfortunately, some folks simply choose not to accept the facts. It’s the player’s responsibility to stay clean and clear of a banned substance. Gordon didn’t.
    He has himself to blame.

    • LG

      I agree. But what I would like to add is the fact that Codeine is not on the list on the PA site. If a guy were to check that list first and didn’t find it on there then took it it would be bull if they got suspended. What good is having a list than is incomplete? But I think Gordon has other issues we are not hearing about too…..

  7. DC84

    According to Greg Aiello in 2011 Codeine is a banned substance, but you ask why is it not on the list? Well the 3 common ingredients of cough syrups like the ones prescribed for strep throat are 1. Codeine (pain relief), 2.Anti-histamine (runny nose, anti-allergy) and 3. Ephedrine (cough suppressant)…………you ask why is this information important? Ephedrine is on the NFL’s banned substance list, and a simple google of the ingredients of cough syrup with codeine and you would of clearly seen that. If anything Josh Gordon is guilty of OTHER then taking a banned substance that was prescribed to him is releasing a statement that is sort of true, because in all honesty it was the codeine and ephedrine that got him banned.

    • LG

      Just think if a player goes to the NFL player Association web-site, checks the list doesn’t see Codeine on it then thinks it is OK to take it. Then gets busted and faces a suspension. If it is a banned substance then it should be included on the banned substance list that is available on the PA website. Otherwise what good is having a list that is incomplete?

      • DC84

        Ok fair enough, but instead of writing a article on Josh Gordon, how about an article on the substance abuse and lack of information that seems to be available even to their own players.

        • LG

          Good point. I didn’t know it was missing from list until I checked it. But I still don;t think JG is coming completely clean….I will do one on the list soon. Or you could write an article submit it and I would be glad to publish…


      DC84…..You must me Gordon’s agent. And, let’s use a little common sense here. Who is going to Google the contents of cough syrup if prescribed by a doctor.
      The player is most likely going to refer to his NFL source….the PDF that shows banned substances. And, LG showed that codeine is not listed. You are going quite overboard in trying to extend leniency to Gordon.
      It is what it is. A player has a responsibility to stay clean. Gordon did not. He’s losing 4 game checks and two games of playing time. And, the tell all on Gordon in my opinion is that he’s not objecting. If it was just cough syrup I believe he would be appealing and his agent would be shouting from the rooftops.
      Accept the obvious. Gordon took a banned substance and may very well be withholding the full truth. In my opinion, he is.

  8. JS

    One would hope by now JG would be more cautious on anything he would take for anything. If he had strep why not see the team doctor? If he wasn’t in Cleveland I’m sure they have a phone. Irresponsible bad judgement. The very best we can do as fans is speculate. I, for one, don’t have a desk at the Berea HQ. This is good for bar room banter but no solid, concrete facts. We may never know. The only thing we can hope for is when he gets back on the field he catches a ton of balls and the Browns win. But until that happens he’s going to be drug through the mud by the people who are not in the know.


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