Urban Meyer did a lousy job preparing his Ohio State Buckeyes football team to play the Michigan State Spartans. The Buckeyes didn’t look ready to play this game and the blame for this has to fall on head coach Urban Meyer.

The Buckeyes had the chance to show the Nation this team was for real, and after winning 24 games over a 2 season span, Meyer was a let down on the biggest stage the Buckeyes played on since his arrival.

This was a case of being out-coached. Meyer couldn’t get his Buckeyes offense going and when the going got tough and the Buckeyes needed to run the ball for a first down, Meyer had his star running back Carlos Hyde out of the game.

Why wouldn’t he use Hyde, arguably one of the best running backs in college football rush the ball. On 4th and one when the Buckeyes needs to convert a first down, he didn’t use Hyde.

You have to wonder why not. The Buckeyes defense did what they could to stop the Spartans offense. They were on the field way to long and they couldn’t keep Michigan out of the end-zone.

Meyer did a terrible job getting his guys ready to play in the Big Ten Championship. He let down Buckeyes fans. This was the poorest showing the Ohio State Buckeye have had since Meyer arrived in Columbus.

Connor Cook out played Braxton Miller and tripled Miller’s offensive production in the game. Miller only passed for 101 yards completing 8 of his 21 passes. Cook destroyed the Buckeyes throwing for over 300 yards with an offense that wasn’t supposed to be that good.

The Buckeyes lack of production in the game made the Spartans offense look good. It is back to the drawing board for Urban Meyer and his Ohio State Buckeyes. Meyer has to find a way to turn Miller into a passing quarterback and he has to find a defense that can defend against the long pass.


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Readers Comments (18)

  1. Bob

    I think MSU needs a little credit in all this.

    • LG

      no doubt that MSU played a heck of a football game.

    • Hondo

      I think MSU did play well. But I also believe our OC might have listened to much to we cannot run against their defense. Hyde had 118 yards, I believe….just think what he would have had if the OC did not reduce his offensive roll Saturday!

      • LG

        Especially when it was time to control the game clock then you use Hyde, and what the heck was he doing lining up like a wide receiver?

  2. matthew gerber

    Your wrong its not Meyers fault its up to the players to get it done. Stupid penalties by defense. The offense came back put them ahead. 24-17. We had momentem and the defense blew it. Let Ms drive right down and get field goal. Bullshit DONT you dare blame this lose on Meyer.

    • Hondo

      I agree the players have to play, but why did Herman reduce Hyde’s roll. Heck his first carry was for 7 yards and then we threw 2 crappy swing passes. If the defense does not make 2 brain dead penalties on balls that would not be caught on 3rd downs, the results of the game would have been completely different.

    • Hondo

      I think we have more talent on defense than our DC is utilizing. I think the DC could do much better.

  3. Thomas

    L.G. Sometimes you’re way ahead of the curve, for instance regarding Weeden and Richardson of the Browns. But on Meyer, you sound like a fool. We are blessed in Buckeye Nation to have a coach of his abilities, and we are going to set back and enjoy many years of elite status due to Meyer’s superb recruiting and coaching abiities. L.G., while I love your fire and venom and agree with you a lot of the time, this time you are simply wrong my friend.

    • LG

      Thanks for not being too hard on me Thomas, however you have to admit the Ohio State Buckeyes didn’t looks as prepared as they should have to play in the Big 10 Championship game….

  4. Betsy Searfoss

    I wonder if some of it came from Urban’s comment to ONLY give the ball to Miller or Hyde to run! Everyone over looks Heilerman. Came through for TD’s during the year. Especially, after MSU said they would gun for Miller and Hyde.

    • TomD

      Betsy, I think you are referring to tight end Jeff Heuerman (25 receptions for 409 yards in 2013), who had 3 receiving TDs for the year, out of the 36 receiving TDs for the team. He did have one reception for 36 yards in the game, but he should have been used more.

      He led the team this year with an average per catch yardage of 16.4 and throwing to him more would have provided the MSU defense with more of a challenge in coverage.

      You are right that MSU defensively seemed to focus, only somewhat successfully, on Miller and Hyde. A more diversified offensive effort would have been more effective. I half-expected (and hoped) to see Miller and Guiton in the backfield together, perhaps with Dontre Wilson too . . . to give the MSU defense a completely unexpected look. It never happened.

  5. snedd

    With that secondary the Bucks could have scored 60 points and MSU would have scored 70 , it looks like the wide receivers are chasing our DB’S they give 10 yard cushion then backpedal like they are in a prevent defense, thats when they even cover someone. It is time to clean house on the defensive side, let anyone who attempts to coach should be let go.

    • Rayt

      I have to agree with snedd. The defensive secondary looks like a second rate high school football team. They have been getting away with such poor performances because the offense has covered for them. Luke Fickell is a nice guy but he needs to go.

      • Wayne

        Yeah Luke is a nice guy and good player once for the Bucks but doesn’t seem to understand coaching is different than playing.

  6. TomD

    As an Ohio State alumnus, I first want to say that Michigan State deserves credit for having a game plan and executing it well.

    That being said, from the first game of the 2013 season on, it was pretty obvious that the defensive unit was a real weakness of this team. Although the defensive unit was relatively young and inexperienced, to what extent are the defensive coaches responsible? Although they played well at times (Penn State, Purdue, Indiana, for example), they were too inconsistent and never showed significant improvement as the season developed. Their poor performance in the Michigan game was not a good sign for a late season, rivalry game.

    Coach Meyer needs to be challenged whether or not the defensive coaching staff needs to be improved, beginning with defensive coordinator. He is ultimately responsible for the team’s performance.

    • Sparty

      Most honest thing said. We beat OH A and that’s the end of it.

  7. bob

    Blame the schedule. Maybe if there were some tough teams on there from out of conference, then maybe OSU wouldn’t have been undefeated and therefore wouldn’t have been distracted by all of this national championship talk.

  8. Bill Reed

    Meyer has to stop baby-sitting and playing nice with these over-rated, egotistical punks. Produce or get out. Miller should have been benched several times in favor of Guiton. It’s the players, not the coach, that have to get it done. Their scholarships shouldn’t be guaranteed and should be contingent on their performance on the field. You earn a slot, you don’t deserve one. OSU tolerates too much crap from it’s spoiled brats.


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