Pat Shumur PressPat Shurmur has taken the importance of having a good long snapper to a whole new level since taking over the Cleveland Browns head coaching position in 2011. Pat Shumur saw his long snapper messed up a couple of snaps last season and wasted very little time in getting rid of him. Yet, he sees his rookie quarterback make mistake aftet mistake and Shurmur refuses to take any action to correct the problem at all. Last season Shurmur got rid of Ryan Pontbriand with little hesitation after he made a few bad snaps, under a Pat Shurmur ran football team it is the long snapper that plays the most important position for the team.

Just look back to last weeks game against the Ravens, one bad long snap and Phil Dawson would have missed one of the five field goals the Browns were forced to go for. If Shurmur were more concerned about the plays he calls, the value of the Browns long snapper may not have been fired last season.  Shurmur is the first coach I can recall the Browns having that has placed such a high value on a position most fans don’t even know who plays it. Just another way the Cleveland Browns head coach has changed the game since coming to Cleveland….

I would like to dedicate this post to Tigersbrown2 for bringing it to my attention… You see this Tigersbrown2? I got threw one…..LOL

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  1. muttklingon

    maybe coach pat shurmur just step down from beening coach of the browns. be a man about it!

    • LG

      Multklington, Shumur is too much of a baby to step down, he doesn’t have the brains or the guts to do the right thing….

  2. tigersbrowns2

    LMFAO , LG !!! … thank you , i’m honored.

  3. ABrown

    Great idea, Tigersbrowns 2!!

    Tonight, the NFL network is showing one of their “A Football Life” programs about a real coach.

    They’re telling the story of Jimmy Johnson who brought the Cowboys from 1 and 15 to Super Bowl Champions in 2 years.

    In an interview this morning Michael Irvin, who played for Johnson at the U before playing for him with Dallas, talked about Johnson’s leadership and motivation, and recalled what the new coach said to the Cowboy players when he first met with them:

    “I don’t need any friends. I need WINS! If you’re not going to help me win, then get out!”

  4. LazyDawg

    Way to go TB2!!! Our long snapper of blogging. Lol!

  5. Anonymous

    Karma?: Mistake aftet mistake.

  6. ABrown

    Shurmur always seems to be focusing on the wrong thing. This year, he has worked so hard to prop up the quarterback, he has failed to create enough effective blocking, plays, or game plans to make effective use of Trent Richardson.

    Two other rookies, Doug Martin for Tampa Bay and Alfred Morris for Washington, are 3rd and 4th leading rushers in the NFL while Richardson is only 14th with over 200 fewer yards and a yard less per carry.

    Richardson could easily be a rushing leader but Shurmur is intent on focusing the majority of the plays on a mistake-prone rookie quarterback.

    Defenses fear Richardson, but Shurmur isn’t taking advantage of the biggest offensive weapon we have . . . next to Dawson who is being relied on so often because we can’t keep drives alive and score touchdowns.


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