By now everyone knows that former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez came from a troubled past. He was involved in gang activity and carried some of his street habits into college with him. Hernandez came from a troubled past and could let go of it even though he caught the break of his life the day the New England Patriots drafted him in the 4th round of the 2010 NFL draft.

Hernandez had all the tools to excel in the NFL. He just didn't have sense enough to let go of the things he learned on the streets. How do you stop troubled youth who grow up on the streets of our cities from becoming the next Aaron Hernandez. The guy had it all and now it looks like he has thrown it all away.

Today's youth have many problems to overcome. With social media and everything else available to them, these youth can find more trouble faster than you or I can reboot our computers. Today's you need someone to show they care what happens to them. They need programs in place to keep them involved in activities that keeps them off the streets.

When people can see there is someone who cares what happens to them, they all of a sudden change. Could this have helped Aaron Hernandez from ending up in jail without bond in a murder case? You Betcha.

This Monday night tune into the Cleveland Sports 360 show as we host Matt Moos. Moos is the founder of a program called Beat The Streets Toledo. Moos is one of those people who knows that if you just leave today's youth on the streets, bad things can happen.

Beat The Streets Toledo works to keep the youth off the streets and gets them involved in programs which include sports to keep these kids from getting their-selves in trouble by having too much time on their hands.

Some of the kids Moos has helped were kids who were involved in gangs. Moos led the charge in getting wrestling programs in Toledo Public Schools after they had been cut for over 2 years. This was no easy task. I started Beat The Streets from scratch almost 2 years ago and now am working on adding my 5th location, serving hundreds of kids.

Kids need to know they have choices. They need to know there are people who care what happens to them and people who care they have a future ahead of them.  Tune into the Cleveland Sports 360 Show Monday night at 7:00P.M. and meet Matt Moos and find out about some of the things Moos is doing to prevent the next Aaron Hernandez from emerging off the streets of Toledo, Ohio.

You can see the show live on from 6-7P.M. Est.  Monday night July 8th. You can learn more about Beat The Streets Toledo by visiting the site by clicking here.

This is one show anyone in sports shouldn't miss. The future of your kids could depend on it....

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