Coming into the 2013 season we heard how the Browns coaching staff was planning to run the shoes off of their 2012 number one draft pick the man many think is a beast Trent Richardson. In the season opener against the Miami Dolphins the Browns had Trent Richardson carry the ball 13 times for a total of 47 yards.

That’s not only terrible it is an embarrassment to Richardson who had another NFL game that didn’t break 100 yards rushing. They stopped going to Richardson early in the game. The Dolphins defense was able to stop him because they didn’t fear the pass from one of the worse quarterbacks in the NFL.

The Cleveland Browns are lost. They have no idea what they are doing and they lack the leadership on the field and it too shows during the games. T-Rich had 2 receptions for another 30 yards. I don’t know why they don’t use him more during the games.

If this is the coaching staffs ides of running the shoes off of Richardson, the Cleveland fans are in for another disappointing season. The Browns schedule isn’t going to get any easier. They take on Baltimore next and then the Minnesota Vikings.

Both teams lost in week one and are going to be hungry coming into the game against the Browns. The team has to find a way to further utilize Richardson.

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  1. Thomas

    Inept guard play and no legitimate blocking fullback were major factors in Richardson’s play. He still showed enough to be considered a potential franchise back. Can’t give up on him yet when the offense is not conducive for an elite running game. Should cut Cousins immediately if they plan on playing him at guard. Sign a blocking fullback and rely on Weeden to manage the game, not try to win it by himself.

    • Anonymous

      You are correct!

    • Old goat

      Thomas that is a good one… “rely on Weeden to manage the game”. weedhead is an absolute failure as a QB, he is truly in midseason form 3 INT’s can breaking the NFL record for most INT’s be far off. There is no doubt that the new coaching staff is headed to LA when the Browns follow suit.

      • Keith

        Thomas is correct. Anonymous is correct too in saying that Thomas is correct. Old Goat is not correct, especially if he truly believes that 2 of those picks were down to Weeden,that all of the 6 dropped passes were due to badly thrown balls by Weeden, and that the 3 missed INT’s by our supposed secondary would not have changed the whole complexion of the game had any of them been caught.

    • ironb

      agree with most of what u say. but i think they should throw the ball to richardson until they have an O-line that can make a hole for him. otherwise he will just get banged up and injured. they have to adjust to what they have. other teams do it…..dont know why the browns cant. ur not going to have every position stellar.
      they need to learn to exploit they strengths…..beleive it or not there are strengths on offense. im not ready to give up on recievers. i think weeden has no “touch” on the ball, in other words close passes are thrown with less force………which is why they are in and out of th hands of the recievers.
      true its their job to catch it regardless but they arent talented enough.
      again, we need to play to our strength and adjust to our weakness. most of this starts at the QB and O-line.

  2. Stien

    It sounds as though you would rather see the constantly injured Hardesty playing. Sorry all you do is bash the team and their choice of players. let me know when you write a positive article. I trust the Browns organization more then a blogger.

    • LG

      Hey the article says T-Rich should be embarrassed….That means he is on a suck team…..They don’t use him right………

      • Keith

        I agree with you today about Richardson LG, but once he understands that he can’t run through the middle of other defenses all the time, he might actually be the running back we all thought we were getting. Right now, I regard him as a bigger bust than anyone else on the team, and he should be embarrassed. You are correct, today.

        • LG

          Sorry to say I don’t think we are ever going to see T-Rich be the Rb we thought we were getting…..

        • Keith

          He may be if he starts running to the outside a little more and giving himself a chance. He is too one-dimensional right now, and reminds me very much of Rudi Johnson, the former Bengal, who infuriated their fans by constantly running through the middle and getting nothing. I don’t want Richardson to be another Rudi, but it looks like that is the best level he will achieve, and that is not good enough for a third overall pick.

  3. Getting Tired Of being a Browns Fan

    I reall don,t think you can blame 2 of the interceptions on WEEDIN somebody should set Mr. Little down and tell him to start holding on to the freekin ball or sit him on the bench and give him a toy radle as far as weedin goes you can,t read and through if your being chased all day these players are a disgrace were is our player leadership all these million dollar players for what give them some incentives if you win you get paid if you don’t you don’t pretty simple

    • LG

      Weeden Himself said he through the ball behind the receivers………

      • Keith

        Weeden is just defending his teammates. That is what a leader does. He is showing some team spirit and blaming himself. It all adds to the chemistry of the team LG. You know that. Come on, give him some credit. He is being magnanimous, that’s all. Good to see.

        • LG

          What would be good to see in Cleveland is a Qb that can actually play the game…..

  4. RICK

    LG, I think that you twisted that statement. I think that he said one interseption was thrown behind the receiver.

    • LG

      No he said they were……

      • Anonymous

        after yesterdays game i agree with you LG. alot of browns fans bash what u say beacuse its easier to bash u because they have a way to contact u. the cleveland organization could care less about commentors and they know that. this being positive stuff is bull crap.
        we need to protest this product with our $$. dont buy crap until they put a worthy product on the team.
        the law of diminishing returns applies here.

    • Old Coach

      What he said was that “the wind blew the ball behind the receiver.” Yeah, right. Now excuse me, I’m heading to my local hardware store to buy some Ortho Weed-B-Gon.

  5. stiv marley

    Mr. Anonymous; Did you go to the game? Are you a fan or are you just one of those people that read this crap that LG spews? If you are on any, and I mean any sports page talking about the Browns, you would notice the writing difference. As an example, on 60 max power sports page, they talk about how Jordon Cameron caught nine passes. Oh, did that come from weed-head ? I’m not happy at what I saw yesterday, but I’m certainly not going to stop going to the games. If you want to be a front runner, look at the scores Sunday night and pick a winner! Support the team you want, but stop hating them when thet lose.

  6. marty

    LG; What the fans that do answer yourhave to realize—that Miami isn’t that good of a team yet.If they finish 8 and 8 I’ll be surprised. The browns made Miami look better than they actually were. Weedon will never be a leader, but I have to be honest and say the new coaching staff did not show me a thing yet. They quit on the running game. Unless something happened to Richardson that we don’t know about.With all the fans that filled that stadium, I was proud of the fans.If I was a player on that field I would my all for the support the fans gave. It was a lackluster performance, agood game to fall asleep to. LG, with out Leadership this team is doomed. Fans write in, well we are still tied for 1st. Do they really think that Miami was in the same class as Chicago,Tennessee and Denver. I really believe the other three teams in our division would of never lost to Miami.All I am saying is Miami is still a bad team. What does that show the Browns are in front of a sold out stadium.

    • LG

      You know what the new coaching staff has shown me so far Marty? That they hired the wrong freaking people once again…..

  7. Tim

    I guess acording to LG, ALL the quarterbacks that get drafted are supposed to be studs after their first year not knowing obviously how long it takes a quarterback to mature in this league…this is only his second year. And this LG guy gets bashed because all of the articles I’ve seen him writh about were negative..never talks about the positives. This is why you’re a blogger and not a sports writer, period.

    • LG

      And comments like this one is why you talk like a moron and not a guy that knows anything about football……

  8. Tom Wynne

    not the game i saw LG…because the Dolphins shut down the run…they forced the Browns into more of a passing game…and knowing this…they took liberties over-manning our offensive line and getting to Weeden way to quickly. You think giving the ball to Richardson on every first down for a gain of 2-3 is the answer???

    • LG

      Not really but 13 carries is not enough either…..

  9. Mark

    I am anything but a fair weather fan. I’ve remained true to this organization my entire life. I personally am sick and tired of the empty promises and the “It was a bad game, but we’re going to just move on and focus on next week.” BS that spews out of every person on the team. 26 of 53, 3 interceptions and one touchdown are not the statistics of a quarterback that is going to get it done. And as far as our defense goes, I’m willing to bet the 1-19 third down conversions has a lot to do with that. I just don’t understand why it is so difficult to put together a franchise after this long when there are plenty of examples all around you. And I think Weeden wouldn’t be so disliked if he didn’t sound so damn smug after every game they lose. I’m not a football guru, just a fan that is sick of seeing the same thing year in and year out. LG writes the negatives because it’s what we’re all thinking.

    • LG

      Not only are we thinking it Mark, we are seeing it too…


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