When the Cleveland Browns drafted Trent Richardson with their first pick in the 2012 NFL draft (3rd overall) they were hoping to have one of the best running back in the NFL. First it was his knee that kept him out for all the preseason games, then it was a rib injury that left his season being graded as average. Now, that the NFL has passed a helmet rule the Browns back is thinking they did it just for him.

Nothing could be further from the truth. NFL running backs have lowered their helmets before impact for decades. When the rule change was suggested, Emmit Smith the great Cowboys running back came out against it. It is instinct, these backs have lowered their helmets for years. The NFL has a problem with concussions and they are doing what they can to try too  limit the damages from law suits they are facing.

Is is becoming clear that T-Rich likes to remain in the spot light.   He first got back into the news this off-season when he came out slamming Weeden’s lack of knowledge in reading defenses and now with the helmet rule being passed he wants to take credit for the rule change, saying he thinks it is his fault.

Ever since the NFL made it a personal penalty for a defensive player to lead with his helmet, there has been talk about running backs being allowed to lead with their helmets. Just because the NFL used a film of Richardson knocking off another players helmet doesn’t mean the rule was made just for Trent Richardson. He may have been great at knocking off a helmet last season but his numbers went so good for a first round pick.

Richardson finished his rookie season ranked 18th in rushing with 950 yards. He didn’t break 1,000 yards and in some games he didn’t break 60 yards. It could be the way the coaches used him or it could be due to his injuries. Hopefully T-Rich shows up to camp this season in perfect health and can show us all that he deserved to be taken in the first round of the NFL draft. If he doesn’t have better numbers than he had last season, it will be difficult to justify why the Cleveland Browns used their first pick on him.

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Dondrell

    First Brandon weeden now t-rich I guess you want colt and hardesty as your starters oh wait they tried that already.

    • LG

      Do you think T-Rich was as spectacular as he4 thought he was in 2012 Dondrell?

      • Anonymous

        For most NFL teams, fans call out players who aren’t playing well. Here in Cleveland, we form fan clubs for them.

        Good dose of reality, LG.

        Richardson did some things well, like picking up yards in space and drawing defensive attention whenever there was a fake to him and therefore opening up the rest of the offense. He also boosted running TDs by 300% over the pitiful production in 2011.

        With a better QB this year, we won’t have to run a simple, predictable offense and that should give the whole offense a better chance.

        That said, though, Richardson does seem to be mostly about Richardson and he probably thinks that’s being a leader.

        He needs to spend more time with Colt McCoy and learn about the I Am Second movement that he, Tony Dungy, and many others have joined “to inspire people of all kinds to live for God and for others” and find the purpose in their lives.

        We lead best when we forget about ourselves and think about others, or the team, when we put ourselves second.

        • LG

          “we won’t have to run a simple, predictable offense ” are you sure? We still going to have Weeden behind center or are you giving the starting job to someone else? Weeden can only understand we won’t have to run a simple, predictable offense’s from what I seen…..

          • ABrown

            LG, I forgot to sign in when I posted that comment. I’m assuming that the new coaches are not going to risk their careers by dumbing down the offense for a QB like Weeden — better to have a real NFL offense with McCoy or Smith.

  2. jrustyo

    LG…well, for once I applaud you for calling out Richardson. In my humble opinion, he was less than spectacular his rookie season, was injury prone, turned in numbers not befitting a first round draft choice and was off base calling out Weeden in the prss.

    Both he and Weeden showed glimpses of their potential last year but they will need a much better 2013 before anyone can comfortably say they were worth such high draft choices.

  3. tlorenzo

    I know T-Rich believes he is the end to the means, but really, if he believes the rule was implemented because of one hit, he needs to look at films of truly great backs…….Emitt and Earl to name but two.

    Come on dude…You aren’t that “great” yet……Even if he did tell the truth about Weeden not being able to remember the entire playbook, we’re stuck with him again.


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