Trent Richardson, the player the Cleveland Browns used their first pick on in the 2012 NFL draft had to be held out of practice due to another shin injury. Richardson who claims he isn’t injury prone, was kicked in the shin during a workout in training camp.

The Browns had major concerns about the health of his legs before training camp started this season. There was talk about holding out the man who is called T-Rich until August and it now looks like that was the right decision.

Richardson missed all the 2012 preseason because he had to have his knee surgically repaired before the start of the season. He then missed the last game of the season with an ankle injury. If I were a betting man, I would give odds that Richardson won’t play all 16 games in the 2013 season.

His durability has to be a major concern for the Browns. Richardson who is a very physical player is going to get banged up once the season starts. If his legs aren’t healthy, he isn’t going to make it through the season.

Cleveland has to come up with a guy that will be able to make an impact in case T-Rich goes down with a leg injury. The Browns have had failure with other number one picks in the past but if T-Rich doesn’t pan out, it would be a huge disappointment to the fans who really wanted the Browns to use their top pick in the draft on him.

Only time will tell if this guy is going to pan out to become one of the best running backs in the NFL. Right now, it is questionable whether he can remain healthy throughout the season.

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Paul

    So, what you are saying is he played 15 of 16 games in the regular season. That does not sound very injury prone to me. Knee surgeries happen in this profession, so let’s not go overboard everytime a player gets “dinged” in practice. They obviously plan to use him a lot, so they are making sure he is taking care of his body. Wouldn’t that be a more positive story to write? Browns fans face enough negativity, I think you would be serving us better by reporting positive things.

  2. ripper1fl

    never be suprised by anything that happens..i bet all these teams will be happy for pre season to start to be hitting other teams for a change………..
    now brandon has to dial in the laser arm…sling it dude
    cleve has enough backs to keep going
    untill t.r. gets ready….

  3. 1stAnubiis


    Its training camp and if they are cautious with him great because it the regular season all players have to get to and hopefully last. Now they stated if it were a game then he would have played. Chud wants to ensure Trent starts the season at 100%. Now do you think you can do some analysis on who will start at OG, CB and FS now that would be an interesting read. The sky is falling thing is way past old now.

  4. Browns Fan

    You’re such an ass and a negative person. Why do you even cover the Browns when you never have anything good to say about them? I hate your posts and your articles. I have deleted you from my FB page and I am going to take you off my email. You’re ridiculous.

    • Matt

      ^^^^ good point !!! LG … Whats the chances of Trent catching u in the street and giving you an ass whooping that you deserve and need is a better question … your articles suck … I read just about every article on the browns and I have never once seen anyone give your any credit on your writing skills , maybe theres a reason for that ???? Everybody just tells you how much your writing sucks . So do us all a favour and and jump off a bridge OR just stop writing … you pick

      • LG

        Maybe before you comment on people’s writing skills, you would look at your own. You aren’t that good your self…

  5. willborn

    Not much,
    another weak running back


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