What did the Browns former number one pick Trent (give me the ball coach) Richardson show us today? He showed us, the Cleveland Browns once again used a number one pick on a guy that is a hug disappointment to all Browns fans.

All week since the Browns lost to the Miami Dolphins all we heard in the Cleveland area was how many carries Richardson had. Today in Baltimore the Browns gave him more carries and we now know why he hasn’t had more carries in the past.

Richardson rushed for 58 yards on 18 carries for a 3.2 yard per carry average. At this rate the Browns would have to give him 31.25 carries just to get to the 100 yard mark. Richardson hasn’t shown he is a premier NFL running back.

He isn’t making that big of a difference in the Browns offense this season and now that the Browns have played 2 games he now has 105 yards rushing for a 52-1/2 yards per game average. That stinks, that is totally unacceptable for a number one draft pick, 3rd over all in the 2012 draft.

The biggest problem Richardson has is all the dancing he does. He doesn’t understand this is the NFL, in the time you waste dancing around, you just allowed the defense to close in on you.

We should have known we were in trouble last season when Richardson made the statement about how surprised he was that one guy could tackle him in the NFL.

Hey Richardson, welcome to the big leagues. This isn’t Alabama and the guys who can tackle you by themselves are the best of the best. Get used to it and learn how to grab that football and run.

The quicker you realize that you can’t stand there and do your little dances the better off you and your team are going to be.

You are not the back we thought you were going to be and you do very little to help your team win football games. Get over yourself, get your head out of the clouds and learn how to play NFL football. Otherwise your time with the Cleveland Browns could be very limited.

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Readers Comments (12)

  1. David

    What other option do we have? Our fullback who is smaller than the tailback he is blocking for, Oingoboingo, or the two practice squad cast offs we signed after cutting our only viable #2 back? Maybe they should go ahead and make Little a RB, start D. Bess or T. Benjamin as the slot guy and get it over with.

    • LG

      This was because of poor coaching decisions to cut all the other guys we had.

  2. DC84

    You this upset over the loss? I mean TR’s performance couldn’t possibly be from POOR o-line play, or inconsistent passing game because without Gordon and defenses focusing on Little/Cameron and the WR’s not getting open. Dropped passes, falling behind or any of the numerous reasons why running games suffer. Nope none of that, all Richardson, he sucks, horrible, bench him, hell trade him for a 4th round pick and 5th and 6th 2 years from now. Cause TR is the problem with this team over the last 2 weeks.

    • LG

      He is not the back that can bust it for the long runs consistently

  3. Anonymous

    Personally..I think that Hardesty is a better RB than Richardson, but obviously the guy couldn’t stay healthy..which is a a darn shame, because when he ran the ball he didn’t screw around with all that dancing around! he followed his blockers, hit the hole and “BAM” right up the gut for 5-6 yards! ya can’t goof around! this is the NFL! it’s fast paced and brutal and you have no time for that stutter step nonsense!!!

  4. Thomas

    L.G. I don’t think Richardson is a “hug disappointment”, but then again I’m not that kind of guy. I do agree he needs to cut up field more, although mediocre guard play contributes to that. When do we get the starting guards back, or are they out long term?

    • LG

      He needs to stop the dancing and just run up the field…

  5. dick

    wheres the owner you would think after a billion dollars some body would get there ass chewed for making him look like such a fool the problem with the team is not the players its the coach



    • Arthur

      Good one Ron, but can she play right tackle?. If so, bring her down.

  7. Bobby D

    So its Ray Rice a hug(e) bust? Cause he got nothing yesterday.

    Wait till SOMEONE who can catch the ball plays WR, should open some lanes fopr the guy.

  8. Anonymous

    Man your crazy T rich isn’t a bust the man doesn’t have any help o-line is garbage now defenses don’t see weeden as a threat to throw it on them so they pack the box every play on him….same with the Vikings who’s line is way better and yeah ponder can’t throw that great but they have to respect the guy…give t rich a line like Houston bet you will change your mind about him


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