TJ Ward made a picture perfect tackle on Browns receiver Josh Gordon in the Pro Bowl last night. Twitter lite up with comments about Ward going low on Gordon and many Browns fans were concerned Ward was going to hurt the Browns best offensive weapon in a game that means nothing.

These people don’t understand the game of football. Ward’s tackle of Gordon was picture perfect. He took out the legs of Josh Gordon and he made the play.

Ward knew what it would take to tackle Gordon, after all, Ward watched as Josh Gordon ranked up an unbelievable amount of yards after the catch for the Cleveland Browns all season long.

The fans think there is no chance Ward is going to return to the Browns, due to his free agency and the tackle he made on Gordon was the exclamation point on his career with the Cleveland Browns.

If Ward doesn’t return to the Cleveland Browns in free agency, it won’t have anything to do with the tackle he put on Gordon during the Pro Bowl.

It will have everything to do with Joe Banner’s unwillingness to pay players in the free agent market. Banner has a history of withholding money when it is time to resign proven players in the NFL.

The Cleveland defensive secondary is finally coming together and TJ Ward is a big reason why. It would be a shame if the Browns refused to pay him to return and it would be a major set back to the Browns defense.

Rest assured it will have nothing to do with the hit he put on Josh Gordon in the Pro Bowl.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. JIM V

    It was a perfect tackle! Did Gordan look up-set? I have this gut feeling that the Browns are going to start acting like the Indians! Good veteran player they won’t keep them because they don’t want to shell out the money! My 60yrs of the love I’ve had for the Browns, is starting to get fragile. I never thought I would feel this way. But I am getting to that point! Don’t forget how Haslam was running his Company! His customers hit him in his wallet. Why can we believe he will be different with the Browns!

    • LG

      precisely Jim V.

  2. JIM V

    All of you might already know, but all these up grades to the Stadium, is to try for the Superbowl to be played here!

    • LG

      After how cold the weather has been and the threat to postpone the Super Bowl in NY, I highly doubt Goodell will bring it to the north in an outdoor venue anytime soon….

  3. Blackjeep

    Wow LG, To say that that was a picture perfect tackle makes sniker just a little. As you can see from the video Ward tried to wrap Gordon up with his arms but just couldn’t get it done. Now I’m not saying it wasn’t a decent tackle, but to say it was a picture perfect tackle…well maybe you should borrow my glasses and view it again.

    • LG

      Bakckjeep, he was taking out Gordon’s legs, that is what was picture perfect about the tackle. It is exactly how the NFL wants it done. Stay low, Ward couldn’t help it Gordon was trying to jump over him.


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