Hey I really like this Tim Tebow, he could care less about money if he doesn’t want to do something because it is against his principles he just doesn’t do it. Tebow has been doing some ads for Jokey brand underwear Tebow isn’t willing to drop his trousers to sell a few pairs of underwear. The brand says that just having Tebow has already been like a lightning blot for the company, sales have already picked up. Tim Tebow principles may be respected by a few others as well.

Having a guy like Tim Tebow may just be what Americans need, a guy with good old fashion values, a guy that stands up for what he believes in a guy that can be a huge inspiration for others. Heck, if you have been watching any of the debates and have seen Romney go at it you’ll know what I am saying is true. To see a guy like Tim Tebow who can’t be bought for money is just fantastic. Now all we need for Tebow to do is run for congress.

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  1. Joy Bowers

    The greatest joy Tim gets from all his money is building the hospital in the Philipines, supporting his foundation and building new churches and orphanages there where he was born. More people will benefit from his salary than probably any other great NFL player given. Thousands of people are still waiting for Tim to be found with a hooker, with a pocket full of cocaine, using foul language. It will never happen. May The Lord continue to Bless Tim and his family and I’m still pulling for the Broncos to be in the Super Bowl next year !!!!! Wish he would run for president when his football days are over – on second thought – I wouldn’t wish this job on my worst enemy. God Bless – Go Broncos

  2. Art Ulibarri

    I could not agree with you more. Tim Tebow is a quality person from top to bottom. We in Denver are blessed to have a leader and quarterback on our team such as this. Too bad so many sports writers and some people in general can’t see the light. They are blinded by their own darkness. How can anyone with a spec of truth and any scruples in them not admire and respect a person like Tim Tebow? He is top quality! Thanks again for your great article.

  3. Chad

    I do not like the Broncos, never have and never will. But, I like and respect Tim. I hope he has much success in the future, except when he plays the New England Patriots, and that he will always be the strong person that he is. He is a great example and role model and I wish that could be said of more professional athletes. Go Tim!!!


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