McCoy & Lewis Score in Red Zone The Cleveland Browns finished yet another long season full of more losses than wins. The Browns led b y 29-year-old rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden have struggled in the red zone all season long. I can’t tell you how many times Weeden got the Browns into the red zone yet failed to get the team into the end-zone. I can tell you that in the last two games of the 2012 season both Colt McCoy & Thad Lewis were not only to get the Browns into the red-zone they were also able to get them into the end-zone for a touchdown.

Just think if Brandon Weeden had been able to do that more often. The Browns certainly could have finished with a better record than 5-11. Weeden got most of the first team snaps each week in practice. When he went down with a shoulder injury in the Denver game and Colt McCoy came off the bench after not throwing a pass in an NFL game this year he was able to lead the team into the end zone for a touchdown with his arm.

Today in the Browns final game of the 2012 season with a quarterback that wasn’t even active last week the Cleveland Browns got into the red zone and found the end zone with Lewis’s arm. Ya see that Weeden? that is the goal. You lead your team down the field and once you get into the red-zone you need to lead them into the end-zone. That is how you put points on the score board. Maybe the Browns head coach forget to tell Weeden that. Lewis and McCoy seem to get it. I am a bit surprised Brandon Weeden couldn’t get it…… Lewis & McCoy hardly had a chance all season to get the team into the red-zone but when they do they get the job done….

Oh well, there is always NEXT YEAR….

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  1. Leon II

    The weirdest thing about Lewis’ performance is that it will likely get Shurmur a job as an assistant with some team in the NFL next year. When Shurmur came to Cleveland he brought with him one player and one player only – Thad Lewis. Most of us wondered why but from day one Shurmur claimed Lewis had potential and just needed a shot to prove it. Now with Weeden and McCoy out with injury against Pittsburgh Shurmur’s undrafted QB, not Holmgren’s QB’s drafted in the 3rd round or 1st round got a shot to start. We have to keep in mind it was not only his first start, but first snap ever, in the pros and he did well. True it was only one game but it was a game against the #1 defense in the NFL and hasn’t played in a regular season game since college three years ago. Suddenly Shurmur has three things he can put on his resume: 1) I can evaluate QBS, 2) I can develop QBs, and 3) the right QB can have success with me. Shurmur’s interview tag line – “Imagine what I could do with my type of QB worthy of being taken in the first round instead of an undrafted free agent who sat on the bench for three years”.

    Kinda scary when you realize the full reality.

    • LG

      It is funny. But look at all Shurmur’s failures too. It starts in St. Louis with Bradford…

  2. ricktenny

    Leon ll, If Lewis’s first game which was a loss will assure Shurmer a new job then McCoys first to games in 2010 should make Holmgren a shoe-in to take over the pearly gates when St. Peter retires.


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