The Browns BunchThere aren’t too many people who traveled all the way to New York City to see the Browns draft live. This Monday at 6 pm Est. we will have as our special Guest once again on the Cleveland Sports 360 Show “The Browns Bunch”. We will be joined live in the Studio by at least two members of the Browns Bunch, Jason Darwish (Wish) and Daniel Clarke. Both were present at Radio City Music Hall when the Browns selected with their first pick in the 2012 draft Trent Richardson who hasn’t played a preseason down yet in the NFL due to knee complications form his last surgery in February.

We will hear first hand what these Tailgating Extraordinaire’s  thought about the Browns number pick 22nd overall of Brandon Weeden and what kind of job they think Weeden is doing as the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback. By this time they will have had a chance to see Weeden perform in his 3rd preseason game against the Eagles  as a member of the Cleveland Browns. We will hear first hand what this group of Browns fans expect the Browns to do in the 2012 season as well as what they think about the new ownership coming to Cleveland.

These guys are honest Browns fans and have followed the team whole heatedly since the Browns returned to the NFL in 1999. So be sure to catch the next episode of the Cleveland Sports 360 show with your host “LG The Voice Of Cleveland Sports”  as we talk to the Browns Bunch. “You Know How They DO” Be sure to log onto to catch the show Monday night at 6P.M. eastern standard time. The number to call into the show is 216-672-4300 we hope to hear from you….

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