As of earlier this morning it has been reported that Cleveland Browns stand out return man Josh Cribbs is still far away from reaching a deal with the Arizona Cardinals. The new Pope was elected sooner than what it is taking Cribbs to sign a deal with a new team. Cribbs sent out a tweet last night telling the people in Cleveland how nice it was to play there and he would stay if he could. Well, so far it doesn’t look like he is going anywhere fast.

There was a lot of talk before the official start of free agency about Cribbs being wanted by 5 NFL teams. None of those teams has reached out and signed him yet. The final 2 teams that reportedly want Cribbs are the Cardinals and the Patriots. With the loss of Wes Welker in New England, you would think they would reach out to Cribbs and make the deal quickly before he signs with the Cardinals, that isn’t happening either.

The former pro bowler has to be wondering what is taking place,like the rest of us he has to be wondering if anyone really wants him. The latest report is that Cribbs picked Arizona and there still isn’t a contract between the two sides yet.

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  1. Leon II

    I have a feeling front offices have seen what Cribbs hasn’t realized yet. First, the rules have changed devaluing return specialists. Second, Cribbs has never been an elite route runner though he is fearless, his step has begun to slow just a bit, and he had ball security issues this past year. Cribbs still thinks his position and skills have the same value they did when he signed his last extension. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case anymore. He can still contribute to a team but not at the price he believes he is worth. That became evident when he said he would give the Browns a SMALL home town discount. I think he is beginning to realize that he priced himself out of Cleveland and isn’t finding the deal he hoped for elsewhere.

    • dan dyer

      Once again Leon you are spot on.


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