By Antwaun Murray

Once again it’s game time! There’s nothing more exciting than to be able to watch a positive streaking Cleveland Browns team take the field at Browns Stadium against another team that’s definitely making a statement with its starting quarterback. This weekend’s match up is with the Washington Redskins lead by starting quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Now you may have heard some of my 30/30 updates on the Sports Fix 1420 AM Saturday nights 9pm-12am. My name is Antwaun Murray, I’m also known as Mista Zell A.K.A. DJ Aye Daddy. You can also find me on Twitter @DJAyeDaddy. None the less, if you listen to the program you probably say to yourself “…this guy knows nothing about sports.” I’m not an expert, I’m a fan and here’s what I do know. The Cleveland Browns are definitely underrated!

I happened to catch the ESPN show with Stephen A. and Skip talking about whether to start or sit RG3 against our beloved Browns team. Statements like “…it’s Cleveland” burned in my ears as I’m trying to refuel my energy during my lunch break! C’Mon man are you serious?! These analysts are supposed to be experts and are saying that even if RG3 sits Sunday, after taking a blow to the knee last weekend, the Redskins will beat us! Oh, hell no!

The Redskins will need everything in their arsenal to even contend with the Browns! Especially now that the men have their wits together and have gelled nicely in the past 3 games. We are on a roll! Who in the NFL has a tougher conference? Who did we get beat by, and what was the score? Not one of those losses could anyone say that the Browns were done before the last 2 mins of the game! Which brings me to my point.

The Cleveland Browns, I believe, have outdone all of our expectations for this season even with “the Shurm” at the helm. Does that mean I support Pat Shurmur or starting QB Brandon Weeden…oh hell no! I definitely dont agree with the majority of the play calls from “the Shurm” or the lack of leadership in Weeden. I still think we have a long way to go before we can look to a wild card game let alone a playoff spot. We are making progress tho. Simply put, these other teams need to stop counting their chickens before they hatch or they’re gonna find themselves with a lot of broken eggs in the basket! Not to mention, the Dawgs are hungry! I will definitely have my hands full while I work the Browns stadium Sunday right next to the Dawg Pound, the official 12th man on the field!

Let’s just remember this, we as fans are just as much a part of this game as any other game. We the fans are a part of this team! We all have our opinions and you have just become victims to mine! All I can say now is…GO BROWNS!!!

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