When Jimmy Haslam III put out over one billion dollars to buy the Cleveland Browns, he knew he would be making his money back in no time. The Browns were able to double the investment the Lerner family put out to bring the Browns back to Cleveland in 1999.

Think about it folks. Browns fans will buy into crap football just to say they have a team to support. It doesn’t matter if the team wins or losses, the fans sell out game after game. The Lerners not only doubled the money they paid for the team, they made millions of dollars for the 13 season’s they owned the team.

Some fans see me as a Hater. They claim because I write articles that point out the truth, I must not be a Browns fan. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a fan, who watched as the team I grew up loving packed up the moving truck and left town in the middle of the night.

I am just as big of a fan as the next guy. I am also a fan that realizes the team doesn’t have to win football games to be successful. All they need to do is show up on the field and people will rush down there to support them.

Haslam III realized that too. Just like the Lerners, he put out a lot of money to buy something that will easily double his investment. Fans are excited about the up-coning season and maybe they have a point. After all, we have a new coaching staff in place and one of them is pumping up Brandon Weeden to the point where Weeden supporters are ready to mess their pants with excitement.

The question is why? Why get all excited about a guy that only won five games last season. The Browns front office isn’t sold on Weeden, they got stuck with him. There wasn’t a good quarterback available in this years draft and Weeden is going to be paid whether or not he is on the team. Why not give him a shot.

People think because I write articles that point out truths that I am a Weeden hater. That is another misguided statement. I hate no one. It takes far too much energy to hate. I have written articles in the past praising Weeden’s athletic Abilities.¬† How many guys in the world could get drafted to Major League Baseball as a pitcher and then get drafted into the NFL in the first round? Not many. The percentage is very low.

The guy is also a pretty good golfer and from what I understand he also has some basketball abilities too. He is a very gifted individual, there aren’t many men walking around with the talent Weeden has.

He just doesn’t have the mental abilities to become a top ranked NFL quarterback from what we have seen so far. Now that Norv Turner is pumping up Weeden in public the Weeden supporters think he is the best thing since sliced bread. I say show me. Go out there and get a winning NFL season.

The Browns took a guy in the first round of the 2012 NFL draft that had no business being drafted in the first round. The team then hired a guy as their G.M. that made very public statements about the mistake the team made taking Weeden.

As fans, we watched a guy who was supposed to have a very accurate arm miss players that were wide open and standing almost next to him at times. We watched a guy lead the team to one of the worst red-zone records of all time. We watched a guy who could not throw a simple touch pass from the 5-yard-line into the corner of the end zone to save his own life. He looked totally uncoordinated each time he tried.

Tell me, what is there to get that excited about? Should I be jumping up and down celebrating that the Browns are giving a guy the chance that had one of the worst T.Q.R.’s in the league last season?

I say, go out there and win some football games and then I will get excited. Until then I am sick and tired of mediocre football being played in Cleveland and calling it professional Football. It has become an embarrassment to the city.

Since coming back into the NFL in 1999, the Browns have a winning percentage that makes them one of the worst NFL expansion teams in the history of expansion teams. What is the difference, the Cleveland Fans will buy crap just to say they have a team to support. That is exactly what we do. We turn Billionaire investors investments into money-making machines. As long as we continue to do that, there is no reason to put a winner on the field in Cleveland.

Do you think Haslam III would have invested¬† over one billion dollars on a team losing this many games if he couldn’t make his money back? Give yourselves a pat on the back Browns fans, we helped create this mess……

For those of you who want to see positive articles about the Browns, I say give me a winning season then you’ll see positive.


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Readers Comments (25)

  1. Aussie

    Once again LG……..

    • LG

      You are damn right Aussie. Great to see ya here……

  2. Anonymous

    Wow I’m surprised it took U this long. I think Lerner did the same thing. I also think U give up on players too quick.

    • LG

      I have been watching this team lose year after year for a long time……I beg for those players to prove me wrong….I simply want a winning season. Where else can you do a job, get paid millions and never succeed?

  3. RICK

    LG, I don’t agree with the last statement in your article. Thats not the nature of your business. LMAO

    • LG

      Sure it is Rick, check out the Indians section you see positive there…Ya know why? Cuz they win….

  4. Dan B.

    You ask the players to play and win. I ask you to write with proper grammar and spelling. “People think barbecue I write”, nice job pot, says kettle,

    • LG

      I don’t think the grammar is as terrible as you might think. Tell me what the problems are and I will pay closer attention to it. It is funny that when people don’t have a valid point to make they bring up Grammar. But when there is a good article and people agree nobody says a darn thing about it…

    • moretouchdowns226

      Maybe LG meant “because” instead of barbecue. Which has nothing to do with spelling or grammar. Maybe LG was having a barbecue when he wrote this article. Last I checked, LG is not a “Barbecue” food writer.

      Dan B – Why the ” , ” after kettle instead of a period? Don’t you check your post for errors before you post? Kettle? Pot? LMAO

  5. paul throneburg

    I think u dont have the first clue what it takes to be a Browns fan PLEASE dont call yourself that.Its real easy to claim support for a good team only true fans are their bad or good,cleveland fans can turn on espn to see how bad cleveland sucks we dont need a no it telling us. You dont like Weeden after 1 year and dont like haslem after no years,You know alot of people dont have college degrees and cushy writer jobs we have hard lives in a crazy world and football and Browns are our escape and you call us names for being loyal,I feel sorry for you I really do you are so unhappy you leak on those around…. why is it our fault we lost our team and never recoverd.

    • LG

      It is our fault as fans for putting up with it. We supported this team from the start and nothing ever changed. The rich got richer and they still didn’t put together a winning football team. Trust me I feel the pain just like you do.

  6. dan dyer

    I sure hope you get all your bitching and whinning out before the season starts. You’re gonna need an empty mouth for all the crow you will be eating.

    • LG

      Lets hope that is the case Dan…..

  7. Brett cisco

    Lg I agree with you but I could never bring my self to be a fan for any one else when the browns went away most of my friends became steelers fans I couldn’t do it .(so what I’m saying is what should we do about it or can we do about it) and another thing is I think the draft went like shit I don’t know what you were talking about there lol

    • LG

      Agreed, we are fans and we are stuck being fans. Even if we moved away we will always be fans…

  8. lglegl

    LG won’t be happy until the Browns win 16 games, win the Super Bowl, fire their coach, then move the team to LA, then he will be happy because he can say he told you so. Weeden won 5 games as a rookie Peyton Manning won 1, by LG’s analysis Manning should have been run out of town. LG is hack who should get a job and move out of his mothers basement.

    • LG

      You wish I lived in my mothers basement. AS far as being happy goes, 8 wins would make me happy, 9 would be a winning season then I would be truly happy….Is that asking for too much?

  9. brownskin

    LG, I think you know too much about this organization. Why wont you apply for Joe Banner’s job?

    • LG

      That would be a positive change….

  10. Danno

    We are fans. What else are fans suppose to do but support their team? This mess was created by the Lerner family who didn’t know (or give a)crap about football. Don’t get me wrong, the Lerner’s did do many great things for Cleveland, just nothing when it came to football. Holmgren realized he could just cruise on the Lerner dime…which he did. Now our hopes lie with Haslam who at least has passion for the game with a background in football.

    So I ask again LG, what else do you want us to do? We are fans and no one, I mean NO ONE loves football more than the fans who love their Browns.

    • LG

      We should have not bought all the tickets over the years and forced their hand to put a better product on the field.

  11. NewsReader

    Is Haslam truely in it for the long haul? Or just in it for the money? That remains to be seen. The bottom line here and with all Pro Sports that it is a business, and businesses are created to make or earn a profit.

    As for the team itself, I could care less about the name on the back of the jersey. I just want to see positive results, and the “New” Browns failed miserably in this area. On this, I blame management. It takes years and patience to build a team from scratch, and in Cleveland we have none. I was at the game when the crowd cheered when Couch was carried off the field due to an injury. Couch was thrown to the wolves on day one. He had no business being a starter straight out of college.

    Then there was Butch Davis the Coach having to deal with Butch Davis the Draft Picker’s picks who was particial to the SEC. Imagine that!

    All I care about is the team winning two more games than the previous season, season after season. That moves the team in a positive direction toward being a PERMANENT contender, and that takes years. And good management!

    • LG

      Not many other expansion teams have suffered this long….

      • NewsReader

        This is true, and why is that? It all goes back to good player selection and good management, of which the Browns have failed. There is a revolving door at the coach and quarterback position. Failure or perceived failure at both. Plus no receivers to catch the ball. The team is in a constant flux and rebuilding, and it should NOT have taken this long. But, as the Browns go, I go.

        • LG

          Agreeed…..The last guys running the team helped set us back a bit too….


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