The Cleveland Browns corner Joe Haden is going to miss 4 games with the team because he was too stupid to follow the NFL banned substance list. Every player in the NFL has this list and Haden thought he could get away using one of the items on the list. The Browns are just coming off one of the teams best defensive showings in years. They played the Eagles and were able to keep applying pressure to Vick through-out all 4 quarters of the game. Much of the time the defense can get to the passer because he is hanging on to the ball too long. The coverage down field has to be good to make this happen.

The first game Haden will miss is the Bengals game this Sunday, even Joe Haden had a difficult time covering A.J. Green last season, now without Haden Green could run right past the Browns coverage and really hurt the Browns if he is on the receiving end of Dalton’s passes. Joe Haden made a dumb choice in using the banned substance. Maybe Haden should have stayed home a little more often instead of being on the scene of Cleveland’s night life as often as he is.

The Browns are going to face the Bengals, The Ravens,The Buffalo Bills and The New York Giants all without the help of their star corner back Joe Haden.  Two of the games are against division rivals and three of those games are against teams that like to air it out. Joe Haden’s suspension is not helping the Cleveland Browns situation at all. The teams offense already suffers from the inability to score touchdown, they can’t afford to get burned for large passing plays on the defensive side of the ball.

Every time you turn around these days some professional athlete is being suspended because of the use of a banded substance, why do these guys think it can’t happen to them. Every player in any league knows they could be tested on the spot at any given time, yet they continue to get busted doing it. When will they learn?

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