Trent Richardson the running back the Browns used their first pick in the 2012 NFL draft on is not going to take part in training camp until August according to the latest rumors. The Browns have major concerns about one of Richardson’s legs. Apparently the muscle strain is something they think can develop into a career ending injury.

This is not good news for the Browns or the fans that so desperately wanted the team to draft T-Rich last season. The Cleveland Browns should have done their homework before drafting him with the team’s first pick. This way people wouldn’t be so disappointed if the guy doesn’t work out.

To take a running back with the first pick, is a risky move not normally seen made by most NFL team’s, but the Browns have proven time and time again they are not most NFL teams. If Richardson doesn’t pan out to be the beast most thought he could be in the NFL, it won’t be the first time the Cleveland Browns missed the boat with a high draft pick.

Some think the team is  over-reacting by being so cautious with Richardson, others think the team has plenty reason to be worried. The Browns need a guy in the back field this season to keep defenses honest. Whether or not that guy will be Trent Richardson is left to be seen.

Even if the guy starts the season, will he be able to play in all 16 games as the team’s starting running-back. Last season he missed the last game because of an ankle problem. A running back in the NFL takes a beating, Richardson’s running style counts on him being able to deliver a beating to the defense.

If he can’t stay healthy and he can’t keep his legs in good shape, he may not be able to deliver the type of beating to defenders that makes him a threat while carrying the ball. Richardson could very well end up being the next NFL bust.

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Readers Comments (8)

  1. lglegl

    actually the only one making rumors of a TRich injury is you. no one has confirmed any injury other than a strain.

    • LG

      this can’t be the only sports site you read , others are saying the same…

      • Sean

        No LG, they aren’t all saying this. There are FEW sites saying these things about Trent. MOST experts feel that he is fine. It seems like you grab rumors and innuendos and write about them as if they are facts. You are the same fool who believed that smear piece in the WSJ.

        • LG

          Ya know why Sean? Because it is facts….Why else would they hold him out until august?

  2. Bobby D

    Sorry lg, everyone else is not reporting what you are. I have heard of no one else having concerns about a muscle strain.

    You must have gotten tired of bashing Weeden

  3. Buckeye1717

    Career-ending muscle strain? really? that would be a first.

  4. danage

    You should stop writing news on the Browns if you’re just gonna be a hater! I hope you get muscle stain in your fingers so your typing career ends!

    • LG



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