Brandon Weeden’s days in a Browns uniform could have already expired according to reports around the NFL. It seems that the Browns new management team of Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi don’t care for Mr. Weeden or his style of play. The Browns may feel trading Weeden now could get them a larger return on what they consider a wasted first round draft pick.  It was evident Michael Lombardi didn’t acre for Weeden while Lombardi was still employed by the NFL network. He made comments that would lead people to believe, he would have never drafted Brandon Weeden in the first place, had he been the Browns general manager. Now that Lombardi is the teams new G.M. it is likely they are talking behind closed doors on who they can unload the soon to be 30-year-old quarterback to and what they can get  for him.

The consensus around the NFL seems to be, the Browns would like to get something in return for Weeden, rather than have him start the season only to fail and the team ends up with nothing. The team is in between a rock and a hard place right about now. After seeing Weeden’s performance during the 2012 season the cat may already be out of the bag on Brandon Weeden. The NFL may already know the Browns are trying to unload a guy that is too slow on his feet, not quick enough in making decisions down field and a guy who doesn’t seem to own a very accurate arm.

It may already be too late for the  Browns to get anything for Weeden. As the free agency season is about to begin, it is going to get very interesting to see what the Cleveland Browns do to try to trade Brandon Weeden….

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  1. B

    You sir are a moron, you don’t even know the guy, how do you know what the Browns are thinking.

  2. ABrown

    That would solve a lot of problems if we could only get someone to take over his guaranteed contract and give us anything.

    Trying to figure out what to do with a guy who only completes 21% of his passes over 20 yards, can’t throw the out routes or fades, can’t read defenses, can’t look at more than one receiver, has two left feet and can’t or won’t learn the play book is more work than most offensive coordinators would want to put in.

  3. longhaul

    dont know how much plainer the writing on the wall had to be. i think i remember banner saying he had till the end of the year to prove himself. i for one didnt see anything different from him in the second half than i did in the first half of the year.he will never be a starting qb for any other team. within 4 years he will not even be in the nfl. this move can not come soon enough.heckert had alot of good picks ,but this wasnt one of them.holmgren should be the one to blame for this one.

    • Bob

      When Banner said Weeden had the rest of the season to prove himself, the pressure was on. Pressure and Weeden don’t mix so he regressed. Weeden needs to work on his handling of pressure if he wants to be successful.

      The fact that he’s 30 is also a problem in the NFL today. Younger, faster and turnover of players is the norm in the NFL. The other day, I saw an article about a particular NFL player who is 31 and the article was basically saying he was older and slower and may retire.

  4. RB

    FYI, Lombardi also said he wouldn’t have drafted Gordon in the supplemental draft. Does that mean we’re trading him as well?

    • Bob

      This is about Weeden.

  5. Bob

    Attention Weeden Fans

    Remember this blog article is about Weeden. LG did not even mention McCoy AT ALL. So when you respond, defend Weeden. Don’t bring up McCoy as your defense. Bringing up McCoy in an article solely about Weeden shows you can’t defend Weeden.

    • ABrown

      Excellent point, Bob. Weeden lovers defend your guy, if you can, and leave McCoy attacks out of it.

  6. RB

    LG. You need to be honest in your articles. Yours is the only article that says “the consenus around the league”, meaning most people people around the league has an opinion on QB after his rookie year. Let’s see a list of those included in the “consensus”. Didn’t think you could list anyone of importance.

    I also read an article that said Colt McCoy will more than likely be released due to his bump in salary this year.

    I read an article saying the Browns did not consider Colt McCoy a viable starter in the NFL.

    Are they true? Who knows. Until it happens it’s nothing but hot air.

    At least try to be objective when you talk about Weeden. And I anxiously await your list of some of the big names that are included in that consensus you referred to.

    • LG

      I addressed that for you in another comment RB…Whether you like it or not that is the consensus…..Do a freaking google search to see if the browns want to trade weeden….

      • ABrown

        LG, you are so right. This is all over the internet. Even Andrea Hangst (sp) at Bleacher Report is using her Weeden jersey to try to stop her tears over the news and writing what a terrible mistake it would be to trade Weeden.

        • LG

          I know, people are nuts. The best thing that could happen is to get rid of this guy and do it before the season even gets going. We all remember his first game of the season last year to well…

  7. RB

    Hey Bob, this is my bitch concerning LG’s article. The link you gave says nothing of the sort about a consenus. A big difference between consensus around the nfl and some around the nfl. The article you linked even hinted that the Browns should keep Weeden for the upcoming season to see if he improves because their not likely to improve the QB situation by trading him.

    Bob, neither your link or the link above suggest the paragraph that LG wrote below:

    “The consensus around the NFL seems to be, the Browns would like to get something in return for Weeden, rather than have him start the season only to fail and the team ends up with nothing.”

    Is trading Weeden possible? Yes Is trading McCoy possible? Yes They could both be gone.

    Even the article you linked Bob said the Browns QB situation would more than likely not improve with a Weeden trade. Since the article doesn’t mention McCoy also being traded, what does that say of the Browns true feelings on McCoy?

    I could say that based on that information, the Browns are just gonna cut McCoy because they can’t get anything for him in a trade, and they don’t wan’t to pay a back-up with his skill set that kind of money. That wouldn’t be any further from the truth that what LG wrote in this article.

    And Bob, I’m not defending Weeden, I object to LG’s inability to be accurate and objective in his report of the “news”.

    • LG

      The consensus is RB, that both Banner and Lombardi don’t like weeden, so therefore the consensus of the rest of the people in the know, the ones who talk to those guys is that they would like to trade him. Look RB, i don’t have to prove anything to you . I talk to people all the time. I talked with Ozzie Newsome just yesterday morning at 9:15AM. People talk to me all the time. You can take it or leave it but as I stated, the consensus is the Browns want to trade weeden….

    • Bob

      RB – So you are B? Guess you made a typo? I thought I was writing to a person named “B” . BTW when you start of calling someone an offending name when commenting, your point gets muddled.

      Now for my response. The title of LG’s article is “The Word Around The NFL Is Weeden Could Be Traded, Browns New Management Team Of Joe Banner & Mike Lombardi don’t Think Much Of Him.” So the theme of the LG’s article is that Weeden may be TRADED. The article I linked to is about a rumor that Weeden may be TRADED.

      You wrote, “The link you gave says nothing of the sort about a consenus.” So……… I originally gave the link to someone named “B” to point out that others are writing about TRADING Weeden. At no point did I ever compare two articles that were talking about a CONSENSUS.

      So LG’s article and the one I linked to have the common theme of TRADING WEEDEN. Thus two different takes on it by two different writers. I KNOW what both articles said. Why are you being so picky? Do you want LG’s article and the one I linked to be exactly alike talking about Weeden possibly being traded? If they were exactly alike then one of the writers would be plagiarizing. I liked both articles because they each gave different information about the same topic.

  8. Sarge77

    Just so everyone knows, LG has hated on Weeden from day one. I myself am not a Weeden fan nor am I a fan of any QB on the Browns roster, but dude (LG) get off the crack pipe brother! You’re making up controversies for the sake of a headline. Just like earlier in the week about Flacco landing in Cleveland!!!!!REALLY!!!!REALLY!!!! There is no chance in the friggin world Flacco comes to Cleveland, if you believe that is a possibility then you my friend, need to get into a different line of work. Don’t even give a response as your credibility is in the pooper.

  9. Sarge77

    And one other thing that makes me question the validity to the article….they want to trade Weeden now so that they get a larger return ….OMG. You will get NOTHING for him, and NOTHING for McCoy, doesn’t matter when you trade them. I guess I shouldn’t of said nothing, you might get a dozen or so used footballs. But the bottom line is these two QB’s give us zero bargaining power and that is why I think the whole article was the imagination of LG’s figment.

    • LG

      Hey Sarge77, why don’t you do a google search to see if the Browns want to trade weeden and see how many people are saying the same thing….Then you will see it is not a figment of LG’s imagination…..

    • ABrown

      Sarge, do you know how to do a google search?
      Lg is just reporting the news, and at times he was the only one giving the fans in Cleveland an idea about what draft scouts and coaches around the league really thought about Weeden. You certainly weren’t getting the truth from the local press and Pat Shurmur.

  10. ABrown

    It looks like a lot of people are crying into their Weeden jerseys. Can any of you stop crying long enough to explain why we need to keep him.

  11. RB

    No, you don’t have to prove anything to me. I’m just saying you are not objective in your writings concerning Weeden.

    Unless you’ve talked personally to the major representatives from a majortiy of the nfl teams, your use of consenus is incorrect and misleading, and your article is nothing more than speculation and wishful thinking on your part. You use it to justify your biased view of Weeden, which you are entitled to have. Just make sure you don’t misrepresent yourself as somone who reports the news.

    You may have talked to Ozzie. Good for you, but that doesn’t lend anything to your credibility. You confuse reporting sport news, which you claim you do, to sports editorials, which is what your writings generally are.

    Anyway, have a great evening all.

    • ABrown

      Last time I looked at the top of the page, this site was subtitled sports rumors, gossip, opinions, and news.

      If you want straight news with no opinion and no news report of what opinions and rumors are out there, then I guess you could try the local newspaper, but you’d still be disappointed.

      No false advertising here.

    • Bob

      Geez RB. Why do you keep hammering LG? It’s getting boring now. It’s like a mission with you. It’s like you are some offended Browns player, a fired front office person or a Plain Dealer reporter. It’s like a mission for you to make LG not credible for some personal gain. Do you want LG and all reporters to write the same thing? Do all reporters have to agree with you? You do know that reporters have different sources & sometimes those sources will only talk to certain reporters. You do know that sources know that reporters will keep their sources identity under wraps, if they want that. Do you hammer Grossi & the Plain Dealer reporters like you do LG? I think you may want to start your own Browns blog/website, if you have such a hatred for all Cleveland/Browns reporters. If you hate LG’s writing so much, I don’t understand why you keep coming back with such a vengeance. A couple responses okay, but you keep coming back with responses that get more picky.

      Why do I come here? LG’s writing is the opposite of the Plain Dealer reporters who I believe you would agree with more. Plain Dealer reporters love to tell you how to think the opposite of what you just saw with your own eyes or heard with your own ears. The Plain Dealer & Grossi are so PRO-Weeden and ANTI-McCoy it’s unbelievable. Recently the Plain Dealer had this really ridiculous article, “Cleveland Browns’ Brandon Weeden could’ve been the first QB picked had he been in this draft, Kiper says” This is garbage reporting at it’s finest. Plain Dealer loves to report what other reporters are saying. I highly doubt any NFL team, other then the Browns would draft Weeden as high as the Browns did. Smith & Barkley would be drafted higher then a 30 year old Weeden, mainly because of their age. Didn’t anyone read what the scouts wrote about Weeden? I actually feel bad for Weeden because he was set up to fail since he was thrown into the fire so quickly. In fact, the fact they started Weeden is so against what Holmgren usually does with rookie quarterbacks. Holmgren has said many times that the rookie QB needs to sit and learn one or two seasons. Holmgren(pre-Weeden) was also known for not to drafting QBs in the first round.

      • RB

        Bob, I don’t hammer LG anymore than he hammers Weeden.

        And, No I am not B.

        • LG

          Hey Weeden deserves to be hammered…..

        • ABrown

          RB, sports figures’ performances are fair game, but hammering a sports commentator because he is critical of a sports performance is a LOGICAL FALLACY.

          Argue the assertion or defend your guy if you can.

          • RICK

            Looks like some hammering going on both ways. It’s just a story with a lot of speculation. The fact is the Browns will have a quarterback of some sort at the beginning of season.

          • RICK

            Looks like a lot of hammering going on both ways. It’s just a story with a lot of speculation. Fact is we will have a quarterback of some sort at the beginning of the season.Looks like there is still hope for LG yet you might get your wish

          • LG

            My wish as you call it Rick is to win more football games. Having more wins than losses for once would be a step in the right direction.

      • ABrown

        Good post, Bob. There’s really no excuse for all the attacking the messenger on this site. The Weeden lovers can’t think of much to defend their guy so they go Kamakaze on whoever presents information critical of Weeden.

        And these guys want to hold LG to a much higher standard than any other sports writers even come close to.

        Last week, Pluto wrote an article saying poor Weeden didn’t do well because Shurmur didn’t let him take all his snaps in the shotgun. He used numbers he said came from Pro Football Focus.

        I looked for the numbers and couldn’t find any sign of them even though I subscribe to the site. In fact i couldn’t find number like he used anywhere on the internet.

        He didn’t give a link, so I asked for a link. He didn’t respond. I asked again and said it looked like he didn’t have one. He has never responded. LG always gives sources when he quotes, but he gets nothing but criticism.

        • Bob

          You know what is also interesting? Mel Kiper Jr. saying Brandon Weeden could have been the first QB picked in this years draft if he was in it. Why interesting? Kiper Jr. said last year that Weeden was a 3rd or 4th round pick. lol. Also interesting is the reporters use of words with this Kiper story. MKC of the Plain Dealer said “”could have been the 1st QB in this year’s draft”. Andrea Hangst at Bleacher said “would have” , another reporter said “may” and another reporter said “possibility”. So what is it? “Would have,” “could have,” “may,” etc… The difference between “Would” and “could” alone mean two different things. I searched online for Mel Kiper’s exact quote and I can’t find it. Not even audio for it. I am usually not picky about reporters different take, but since RB was after LG so much I wanted to point out how reporters who favor Weeden write different stories.

  12. longhaul

    can someone please give me 1 GOOD reason that the browns should keep weedeen. and remember i ask for a good reason.

    • LG

      I can’t give you one. I thought they should have gotten rid of him in the preseason….

  13. Leon II

    I have to say even though I supported Weeden most of the season and still think he may, and I stress may, be salvageable by Chud and Norv (or a good QB coach on another team other than Shurmur)he will never be better then an adequate starter. He might, and again I stress might, make a run to the play-offs with a team that is above average in all other aspects. His ceiling is mid-tier at best though and I don’t think he could take any team deep into the playoffs. So if you are a team who is only desperate for a QB and are willing to make do for a year or two and settle for just making it to the playoffs taking a flier on Weeden could make sense. Considering the holes that the Browns need to fill to make the team now Now the rumors are clear that the Browns Front Office currently view him that relevant and nothing less then a star QB without filling thosway or worse – serviceable to back-up at best. Now consider the reality of the team and its immediate future. The Browns are two to three years away from a play-off run with numerous holes to fill, especially on defense. If you aren’t sold on Weeden being your franchise QB but their is another team that is willing to give up at least a fourth round pick this year and a conditional pick next because they

    • Leon II

      Sorry my PC went wack-o and submitted my post above while still working on it. Therefore, it is garbled. The final point is that the Browns Front Office knows that Weeden alone can’t take them to the play-offs. He isn’t good enough to lift a team up on his shoulders and carry them there by himself. Assuming he improves next year he would still need top notch offensive weapons to make him look good and elite defense to carry him to a winning season. That won’t be the Browns this year as there are too many holes to fill and the systems will be too new. So if a team thinks they have everything other then a QB in place and believe Weeden can improve enough to take them to the playoffs it makes sense for both teams, and for Weeden (he gets a chance to prove he can be adequate or better), to work a trade. The Browns are no worse then we are now (still needing a QB) but we can use extra picks to build an elite defense and a solid offense during the draft this year and next and we are only a QB (at worst) away from being a playoff contender next year. If one of the other three QBs on the roster or someone we acquire through free agency works out all the better. The question is does any other team see enough in Weeden to make a worth while trade. We would need at least a third, preferably a second, this year to truly make it worth while.

  14. RB

    LG, I didn’t sign on as B. If I disagree with you, I’ll sign on as RB.

    • LG

      It cool.

  15. Bob

    One last thought for the night. Nice new look to your website LG.

    • LG

      It is a work in process. But thanks Bob, hopeful I can get it done today…..


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