Colt McCoy better than weedenHow many of you Browns fans that have been calling for Colt McCoy’s head knew that Colt McCoy had a injury to his throwing arm? That’s right people, Colt McCoy’s arm strength really is better this season, it’s not a mirage. Colt McCoy suffered an injury in his last college football game.  McCoy was injured on the fifth snap of No. 2 Texas’ game against No. 1 Alabama. He kept the ball on an option to his left and was hit square by lineman Marcell Dareus for no gain. McCoy got up and appeared to be OK, but went to the sideline as Gilbert ran in and called timeout.

McCoy remained crumpled on the ground throughout the break, then was helped to the bench and later taken away for X-rays. He didn’t return to the sideline until after he was ruled out. McCoy suffered a pinched nerve to his right shoulder, his arm has felt like a noodle for the last two season’s. McCoy has never made any excuses about his play on the field. This is the same guy who won 45 of the 52 games he played at Texas. McCoy was the winning-est quarterback in College history.

Now, with his arm back to 100% for the first time since he has been in Cleveland we are seeing the real arm strength of Colt McCoy. The Cleveland Browns may not have even known about the extent of Colt’s injury. You probably are thinking how could they not. They didn’t know Trent Richardson would need knee surgery before the season even started did they?

People are saying you can’t make determinations only watching guys play in the preseason. They say Brandon Weeden will get better. I say this is the NFL you win or you go home. I have high expectations for the Cleveland Browns this season. I want to see a play off team again. I want this team to win football games. In order to do that the Browns have to put there best players on the field. Colt McCoy is better than Brandon Weeden. Colt has a 138.0 rating from the Eagles game. Weeden’s rating was 64.0 and Wallace had a rating of 24.3.

Lets talk about the Green Bay Game. McCoy had a 97.0 rating and Weeden had a 76.7 rating. Now we look at the Detroit game…..Colt McCoy had a 110.4 rating and Weeden had a 19.0 rating. These are the real numbers. Looking at the numbers you have to admit Colt McCoy is the better of the two quarterbacks right now. I am saying right now because you start the season with your very best players on the field,right now McCoy is a much better player at the quarterback position than Brandon Weeden.

If the Browns want to win football game they must start Colt McCoy. I am strictly going by the numbers and doing that McCoy is the better player. For those of you who have suffered a pinched nerve you know how bothersome this injury can be. Colt McCoy played the entire time he has been in the NFL with this injury. Now that he is healthy, he should get a chance to prove just how good McCoy can be.

For those of you who would like to further read about McCoy’s throwing shoulder Injury follow this link….

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Chris

    As usual, IA with you.

    Hopefully Haslam steps in on this. Otherwise, come next season, yet another qb will be drafted.

    And for sure, a pinched nerve is damn annoying.

    • Joe

      Does give a whole new perspective on the QB situation, for sure!
      Just imagine if we had taken one of the 2 top RT with the second 1st round
      picks we could have still got Weeden with the pick we used to get Swartz
      had the FO had the accumn to keep Hillis (who was the blocking back mostly
      at Arkansas and the ONLY back we had who could also run/block and catch
      since 2010)things might look a whole lot better for the coming season.

  2. BuckeyesRus

    you’re preaching to the choir on this one, buddy!

  3. jonah

    Give me a break, COlt was awsome last preseason too and look where it got us. Stop ur excuses. At least give weedon a try. Every person who’s actually watched the two a lot can see weedon is a true quaterback with a dangerous arm. He just played his first preseason game sand u idiots r callin for colt back. Which r the same idiots who were callin for wallace at the end of the yaer last year. Quite bn so fickle u wonder why we cant win.

    • LG

      I think you may have the wrong site, I never called for Wallace at all last season. Wallace had to come in for the last three games due to necessity. We saw how well he did, 3 starts no wins. Kind of the same old song and dance. Don’t think the Browns not winning last year was all the quarterbacks fault….


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