Fire Pat Shurmur The Cleveland Browns travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers in what could very well be Pat Shurmur’s last game as the Cleveland Browns head Coach, we all hope. Shurmur as an offensive play caller in the NFL has failed miserably.  In the past four seasons Shurmur called plays that lead him to 18 wins and 46 losses, this includes his 2 years as the offensive coordinator with the Rams. It is obvious that Pat Shurmur is in way over his head as a head coach in the NFL. Not only doesn’t he have a clue how to win, he puts his player’s health in danger.

Shurmur was talking about playing Trent Richardson in the Steelers game to test his toughness, hasn’t he all ready done that this season? He took Richardson off the knee injury that required a surgical repair before the season started and over used him from the start of the season. He played the Browns 1st pick in the 2012 draft at least 2 weeks before he should have. Now with an ankle on the same leg being injured Shurmur talks about measuring his toughness in the NFL by playing T-Rich Sunday in Pittsburgh.

While Richardson has done well is short yardage situations and had some great break away runs and great passing yards, it has been clear he hasn’t ran the way people were used to seeing in the NFL. It is time to let the man heal. No one needs to see how tough T-rich is except Pat Shurmur.   The quicker the Browns can end this season and fire Pat Shurmur the quicker the team can move on and complete the transition of the new ownership. Pat Shurmur isn’t capable of turning the Browns into a winning team. He is missing something upstairs that makes NFL head coaches great.

He would rick the health of his players in a game that is out of reach for what? The Browns should have gotten rid of Shurmur during the bye week and I’ll bet the team would have had more wins…..

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  1. Ron

    It’ll take much more than just getting rid of the head coach before this team improves.

  2. Bob

    “The Browns should have gotten rid of Shurmur during the bye week” Absolutely!

    I have been saying it since October that Haslam/Banner should have fired Shurmur because of Shurmur’s awful play calling that was going to cause injuries. In other words, Shurmur did not protect Haslam’s investment (the players). I also stated that Shurmur’s play calling was messing with player’s careers because of major injuries that could happen. Sure enough. Richardson, Weeden, McCoy, Cameron, etc….. Gone this weekend.

    Haslam/Banner should have just made Jauron the temporary head coach. In my opinion, the Browns awful ending are on the shoulders of Haslam/Banner because they didn’t fire Shurmur.

    Go Browns & Best of Luck to Lewis!

    And HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

  3. longhaul

    trying to think of 1 good reason the new owner should keep shurmur………………………………………………………………………………………………………. damn now i got a migrane and still havent thought of a reason yet.

    • LG

      I don’t think anyone can think of one good reason…..

  4. Autopilot


    Always like reading your posts…

    I’m not sure that Haslam and Banner could have pulled this team out of it’s tail-spin with a change in coaching mid-stream. Moving Jauron to interim head coach would have meant his immediate departure upon the Browns’ hiring of a permanent head coach. I think they kept their hands in their pockets this year because they really had no other option. They have just been waiting patiently until the time is right to make the hire that they really want, and it looks more and more that their sights are on Nick Saban.

    If any fault can be placed upon them for this season, it’s that they didn’t insist upon personnel changes on the field when it was apparent that this season was going to be no better than last. They could have used the remainder of the season as an extended pre-season in a constructive “evaluation” of the team. But, they sat on their hands and did nothing as the team regressed from the false hope that the wins against the Steelers, Chargers and Chiefs gave.

    I think that Weeden is history in Cleveland…assuming that Shurmur gets the boot. They are “joined at the hip” and he’ll be jettisoned for whatever value they can get for him. Lerner absorbed the majority of his salary in signing bonuses and so there is little tangible cost to Haslam (except for cap purposes) to part with him.

    McCoy injured the same shoulder that has plagued him since his sophomore season at UT in the game against A&M. It could be that he has also played his last game for Cleveland (and maybe in the NFL altoghether).

    Whatever happens next season, it will need to be substantial for this team to be much improved. Shurmur’s postulation that this team is much improved from last year shows just how far removed from reality he must be. It also shows why he should be fired immediately after the season ends because he “cannot see the forest for the trees” if his coaching evaluation is this suspect.

    • LG

      Autopilot, I’ll bet they could have done wonders for this team by removing the moron calling the shots. This guy didn’t have any business running a NFL team in the first place…..

      • Autopilot

        I agree that Shurmur has not business being an NFL head coach. Installing an interim head coach mid-season has rarely worked (with the exception of Indianapolis this year, but their’s was an unusual and emotional situation). Therefore, I don’t think it would have improved things. But, it certainly wouldn’t have made things worse.

        If Saban does come to Cleveland after the BCS Championship game, it’s going to cost the Browns a fortune to get him. I certainly hope that he’s worth it from his past track with the Dolphins. He already makes $6 million + per season at Alabama, so to lure him away from that will probably take $8-10 million per season plus 100% control of the team.

    • Bob

      Thanks Autopilot.

      I agree with a lot of what you said. My point about getting rid of Shurmur midway is that he would cause injuries and kind of what you said, “it’s that they didn’t insist upon personnel changes on the field when it was apparent that this season was going to be no better than last.”

      Shumur hurt this team this season. I don’t know how he thought Weeden “the statue” could come in and win right away on the same system that Holmgren declared takes QBs to learn in 2 years. McCoy was primed, it showed in preseason and Shurmur shut him down. Shurmur also effected the careers of other players on the team with his Weeden on-the-job training lessons that effected the team. Cribbs even said that they would have won more games with McCoy. In other words, McCoy was already trained for the Shurmur/Holmgren system. This is the NFL. Now I know there is a learning curve for all that go in to the NFL, but Weeden got so many chances, Alex Smith’s head is spinning.

  5. Abrown

    Things got about as bad as they could get this past week against Denver. Apparently the whole team was angry with Shurmur because he stopped calling running plays and essentially encouraged the blitzing and left McCoy and Richardson as sitting ducks in the backfield.

    Then when Denver had the ball Shurmur kept calling time outs to have more time for the Browns offense to get beaten up even more.

    The last couple of plays caused injuries to both Richardson and McCoy.

    And then, as you pointed out LG, Shurmur has the gall to say people needed to play when they are injured to show their toughness.

    Shurmur has been a disaster in so many ways, but if anyone was foolish enough to still think the players were playing hard for Shurmur, rather than for each other, that thought ended last week.

    • Autopilot


      Good comments. I stated the same thing about the players a couple of weeks ago whenever they were coming off their win against the Chiefs. I said that the last four games would reveal what this team was all about and if they were behind Shurmur as their coach by the way they played. Their play of late has shown that they are sick and tired of him and his shenanigans and can barely contain their disdain of his coaching by their press room comments.

    • Bob

      Spot on ABrown!

  6. Matthew

    OK I’ve been reading your stuff for a long time and I’ve got to say, I don’t think it matters who is in charge of this team you will find something negative to say. Now I’m not some huge Shurmur supporter, but until you’ve been a head coach in the NFL, or an exec, or even played, I don’t feel you are qualified to say you know what it takes to be a successful head coach. I understand that most life long Browns are jaded and bitter but c’mon. Unless Lombardi rises from the dead and takes them to an undefeated season and championship, nothing will be good enough for Browns fans.

    If you dont see improvement from last year you are blind and/or stupid. Do you guys watch the games or just the stat sheets? Regardless of what you feel his qualifications are, if you watched the games, the team played hard for him. Now the Browns made the mistake of letting a young guy by the name of Bill something or other get away about a decade back. I hear he’s doing pretty well for himself in New England these days. My point being, who knows what this guy has in him. Give this guy a stronger personnel dept., an active owner, a little support, and another season to see what he can do. Dont just write angry blogs spitting venom because the front office didn’t make the same decisions that you would have(it must be such a burden to know EVERYTHING).

    I’m a die hard Browns fan through thick and thin, and that’s not an easy thing in California. So, to hear you “fans” just basically cry like children who arent getting there way every week, it’s just annoying. I want a winner in Cleveland as much as any other Browns fan. Mainly to stick it in my friends’ faces after all this time. Try and enjoy some football for a change, and let the guys whos opinions actually affect the team do their job… I cant stress enough how much some of your blogs read like a an angry 4th grader with a great vocabulary. Good luck and I’ll keep reading and commenting(if only to be the light to your dark)

    • LG

      in the words of the head coach Pat Shurmur himself you measure improvement by the number of wins you have the Browns have one more win over last season. So I guess you are happy Matthew that the Browns are one game better than last year with one game remaining to go…..

      • Autopilot


        I don’t know which team you are watching out there on the West Coast. If it’s the same team that I’m watching here in Texas, you’ll notice the TEAM’s play has improved very little from last year. And now the team has basically given up on their coach for the way he handled last week’s game in Denver. Their post-game comments and many since have shown that Shurmur has completely lost this team.

        There are still some glaring needs to get this team moving in the right direction. First, they need a coach who knows something about coaching in the NFL. Second, they still need to find a quarterback. Third, they are still a lineman short to take advantage of their running game. Fourth, they need a linebacker to take charge of the defense. Fifth, their secondary needs improved depth.

        Fix those “minor” problems and this team should be much improved. But, those are not “minor” problems and will require time to remedy. Unfortunately, there are several teams with worse records this year than the Browns and so their draft position will not be very favorable to address their most pressing position needs: quarterback, linebacker and cornerback.

        The quarterback situation could be addressed through free agency or trade route if they are agressive (but historically that hasn’t been their strength). Matt Flynn would be the most attractive trade, but he really isn’t tested and may be no better than Weeden. The quarterback draft crop is pretty weak this year and so it may not be the year to burn an early draft pick. So, I would address the defensive weaknesses early in the draft.

        It’ pretty sad that each and every year the draft is the highlight of the Browns’ season. Hopefully, they’ll get a good coach who will be able to address the team weaknesses. Then, the highlight will be placed where it should be…the playoffs.

        Happy New Year to all!

    • longhaul

      matthew are you for real? theres has been improvement but it has not come from the head coach or the qb.i am a diehard browns fan also but, we are going to go nowhere with shurmur and weeden they both have had enough time to make a difference and the both have failed badly.we need a coach who has a proven record and can utilize the talent that is there not waiste it.listen to one of shurmurs press conferences and then tell me how smart shurmur is.

  7. Matthew

    GO Browns!!

  8. David

    Great article LG as always and very spot-on. There is one thing about Shurmur supporters that I find tiring and that is the fact that they are always making comparisons to Bill Belichick. Are they really serious? I know BB was not the greatest HC when he was with us, but we were still better with him than with Corporal Clueless-in-Cleveland. For example, did one ever hear about Belichick running into a referee on the sidelines like an inept buffoon when he was here?

    Secondly, progress? At best, provided we sweep the Squealers, we will be 6-10 which is still double digit losses for a team that should have been better than their record. His excuse that the progress isn’t fast enough: that the Browns entered the season under less than ideal circumstances. So the reason for a losing season had nothing to do with his moronic playcalls and gross clock mismanagement? Again, great article LG and Happy New Year(even happier if and when Shurmur gets canned).

    • LG

      Ya know the less than Ideal circumstances have to be having Shurmur as the Browns head coach……Happy New Year to you too David….

  9. Bobby D

    You have to admit the browns are improved. If not you are just a hater. They have more wins, more points, more yards, more fight. Most games are competetive. Lots of people predicted we would not win a single game. Even the most optimistic anaylsts said we could win 4 games. We are better than anyone thought.

    Yes there is more work to be done. As far as Shurmur??? Well its not my call. I can imagine that at the begining of the year with so many rookies he had to have a limited playbook and as the year progressed he added more to it. Weeden even complained about running plays he had only seen once. So should Shurmur go? I don’t know but I won’t lose any sleep if he is here next year. Additionally, I say you only get rid of him if the guy you want as head coach is available and willing to come. Otherwise you are in the same boat, actually worse because the new guy will change lots and everyone is in a big learning curve over again.

    • LG

      Bobby D Do you want Shurmur back?

    • Bob

      If the 49ers and Colts can turn a team around in a year. So can the Browns. Shurmur is a joke and was brought in as never being a head coach. First step is to bring a coach in who has head coaching experience in the NCAA or NFL.

      • LG

        Bob, Shurmur is a joke with no punch line, this guy has got to go and I can’t wait to see what happens after the last game tomorrow…..If I were Jimmy Haslam, I wouldn’t even provide transportation back to Cleveland for Shurmur….

        • Bob

          ” If I were Jimmy Haslam, I wouldn’t even provide transportation back to Cleveland for Shurmur….” LOL really LOUD

          • LG

            Hey I am serious Bob

  10. Matthew

    I think the less than ideal circumstances would be no offseason in his first season as head coach, and then having an owner change just before the start of the 2nd season, not to mention having a team comprised of mostly 1st and 2nd year players this year. Again, not saying Shurmur is the one to take us to the promised land. But the fact is he was doomed from the beginning and it’s just a damn shame to see. Since they came back in 99 its just been a carousel in the coaching/exec area. There is no way you will succeed like that in any business. Its the same thing every year, yet like an alzheimers patient, every year we hope the same appraoch will yield a different result.

    As for Weeden, I never thought he was the answer but I would actually take him of over half the qb’s in the league right now. When he’s protected, he can play well.And the same can be said for any classic “pocket passer”. For a guy playing out of his spread formation comfort zone, he’s doing all right for now. By that I mean you ride him out(not without veteran competition of course) until that dream franchise guy pops up in a year or two. He’s a place holder for the next big thing and I think it’s a roll he fits.

    Happy to be a participant in the Browns on-line discussions for 2013. Hope these guys get to sweep the Steelers at least. Then, I’m sure we will all have a lot to discuss come black Monday.

    • LG

      Are you related to Pat Shurmur? The guy is a freaking moron and that is putting it nicely…..

      • Bob

        I was thinking Shurmur’s wife.

        Defending Weeden now? Mr. 36 out of 38 QBs this season. He says, “When he’s protected, he can play well.” Guess what Matthew? Any QB who is protected can play well. How do you explain all of Weeden’s batted balls and the fact he’s taken up to 9 seconds to throw when he’s protected and still does not complete a throw?

        • LG

          Hey he had some of the best protection of any quarterback in the NFL.

  11. Bob

    Matthew says, ” … but until you’ve been a head coach in the NFL, or an exec, or even played, I don’t feel you are qualified to say you know what it takes to be a successful head coach. ” AND “Give this guy a stronger personnel dept., an active owner, a little support, and another season to see what he can do. Dont just write angry blogs spitting venom because the front office didn’t make the same decisions that you would have(it must be such a burden to know EVERYTHING).”

    So Matthew, which current Browns coach or former coach are you? Or are you Shurmur’s wife? Or maybe you own the last pair of rose colored glasses among Browns fans. To me you seem overly defensive and feel personally attacked about Shurmur who led a Browns team to YET another losing season.

    Matthew, in case you didn’t know, this is a forum for opinions some pro & some con depending on the topic. If you want “feel good” comments about a badly coached team, go to the Plain Dealer. You come in here comment, and write things like , “If you dont see improvement from last year you are blind and/or stupid.” ” I cant stress enough how much some of your blogs read like a an angry 4th grader with a great vocabulary.” – So your game Matthew is to insult people who feel different then you with childish name calling. What Browns team have you been watching this season? I guess you are in the 3rd grade with your “you are blind and/or stupid” comments.

    And then in your conclusion paragraph you say, “Good luck and I’ll keep reading and commenting(if only to be the light to your dark)” SO, now you are going to ENLIGHTEN US and tell us that we have to accept this mediocre team? Give me a break.

    I do think there are some good aspects to this team as far as some players, but COACHING is definitely NOT ONE. I believe probably at least 80% of the fans don’t like what’s been going on with the coaching. Didn’t you hear the disgruntled Browns players comments lately? Have you seen the half empty seats on TV during Browns games? Have you seen that our starting QB is rated 36 out of 38 (see I guess you are fine with that?

  12. Bob

    Did anyone notice that the announcers during the Denver game on Sunday told us that Weeden’s wife was helping Weeden with the game plan for the week or plays for the week? I forget the exact quote, but why put that out? I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that. Has anyone heard something like that put out in the media before about a quarterback or any player? So strange. I was wondering if Weeden had some concussion he’s been playing with or maybe he has some mind/brain issue. All kidding aside, what is up with Weeden’s head? Is this a result of Shurmur’s latest “measuring toughness” by playing while injured motto?

    • LG

      Yes I heard him say that. I was wondering if Weeden was smart enough to get the play book down. I tried to look into his GPA and it seems as though he had a 3.24. While he only took marketing classes and business I still thought he might have been smart enough to get it together in the NFL. I still think he has a problem with the entire play book though….


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