Following the Browns 11th loss of the season, Hue Jackson says his players are frustrated. This comes following comments by Terrell Pryor, and Joe Thomas about the Browns not being able to stop their quarterbacks from being hit.

The Cleveland Browns will now be forced to start Josh McCown against the New York Giants. You have to wonder if McCown is looking forward to this start. After all, he has already been injured this season, and the Browns are 0-11 on the year.

Playing the Giants isn't going to be easy for this Cleveland Browns team. New York is 7-3 on the season, and their defense is a lot tougher, than what we've seen coming from Cleveland this season.

There were thoughts of RG3 playing, but those were only thoughts seeing how he isn't ready to play as of yet. If RG3 were smart, he wouldn't be ready to play again until the 2017 season starts.

I mean why put yourself through the risk of another injury with the way the Browns offensive line is performing or should we say under-performing this season.

It's funny to say the Browns are in a rebuilding year folks. But that's certainly what we are seeing this year. The Browns are in the 17th year of rebuilding, a project that was projected to take 5 years, back in 1999.

Never in my life, have I seen a team take this long to get it right. We have to wonder what the Browns plan to do during this off-season. I mean we can't expect Hue Jackson to be fired, or can we?

He was dealt a dirty hand when he was hired as the Browns head coach. You would think he knew what he was getting into, but the Browns weren't playing money ball when the team hired Jackson.

Some think I'm too critical about money ball being played in the NFL, but in my opinion it isn't working so far, and I wonder how long it is going to take to catch on.

The Browns only have 5 games left this season, and I don't think they can win any of them. I also think they would be better off to lose their remaining games to get the first round pick in the upcoming draft.

NFL teams don't think like that, or they shouldn't think like that. They want to win, but at what cost to the team should the Browns exert themselves??? At 0-11 the season is pretty much over, after all I did read today they were mathematically eliminated from the play-offs.

Try typing that while keeping a straight face......

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