Once again, Cleveland fans are seeing their hopes of having a hands on owner being crushed. When Jimmy Haslm III bought the team last August, the fans were thinking, wow here is a guy that is going to be a hands on owner. They listened to all the promises Haslam made when he came to the great city of Cleveland and their hopes for a winner were rejuvenated.

What a difference a couple of months make. Haslam III, hasn’t owned the team for a year yet, he left to go back to his Pilot Flying J company to retake the leadership role he gave up to take the helm of the Browns.

Now with the FBI and IRS raiding his business and filing court papers pointing to his company defrauding trucking companies out of millions of dollars for years, Jimmy Haslam III is going to be busy fighting to keep his butt out of prison.

As the days go by, Haslam and his company see more law suites being filed. 6 suites have been filed so far and more are expected. Pilot Flying J allegedly defrauded customers out of rebates for years. The FBI claims to have recorded calls taking place between high ranking officials and Haslam himself.

So much for the hands on owner Browns fans thought they were getting. The team has been under a black cloud since the raid on Haslam’s company. This is going to be a huge distraction to the Cleveland Browns football team. SOme are already thinking Haslams should sell the Browns and move on. Others are denying the allegations for Haslam III.

Either way, the fans in Cleveland, are being duped once again. The best fans in the world, deserve better. Do the right thing Jimmy Haslam, sell the team and get out of the NFL.



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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Roady


    • LG

      Yep…Plenty of them. Thanks I’ll make the adjustment. I guess I should have some coffee first….

  2. Dave

    Nothing like having a Verdict and a public Hanging before the guy defends himself. We know some people are old school but this article goes back to the Wild Wild West!

    • LG

      Dave, all this article says it a nut shell, is I don;t think Haslam is going to have much time this season for anything football related. He will be too busy trying to clear himself and stay out of a federal prison.

      • Steve

        Does he really need to spend time with the Browns? Like any good owner you put people in place to run it for you. Haslam has done that… If you had a huge business that got into some trouble and you truly didnt know what was going on like JH3 has said (innocent til proven guilty I beleive), would you sell the BILLION dollar venture before you were forced to?? I think not.

  3. Roady

    No problem. Family full of lawyers, don’t tell anyone.


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