Carlos Carrasco is still in a Cleveland Indians uniform and the fans are wondering why. Carrasco has had more chances to become a starting pitching in the Indians rotation than any other guy the fans can remember. For some reason Indians manager, Terry Francona continues to give Carrasco a shot at being a major league pitcher.

He started him against the San Francisco Giants last night and once again Carlos showed he is not ready for prime time. Carrasco pitched for 6 innings, and as the fans suspected, he was hammered for 4 runs on 5 hits. The Indians continue to believe in Carrasco and the fans are starting to wonder why.

Carrasco hasn’t been very good in an Indians uniform. Yet Tito continues to show patients with him. What is it that Francona and pitching coach Mickey Callaway see that others don’t?

The Indians need to have solid pitching in their starting rotation and there is something between Carrasco’s ears that is stopping him from becoming a big league starter.

He came out of the bull-pen last season and was somewhat successful as a middle reliever. Why doesn’t the Indians manager use him as a reliever and move on from this failed Carrasco as a starter experiment already?

If Cleveland is going to contend for a play-off spot this season, they have to do something with Carrassco. The Tribe can’t continue to let this guy lose games for this team….


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Readers Comments (4)

  1. becky killion

    I Seriously do not understand how you keep him in the game as a starter.17 starts without a win.Put him in the bullpen.He is only good for a few innings.(maybe good is not the right word)

    • LG

      I agree, how can they continue to keep giving him this opportunity? It’s costing the team wins…..

  2. Avory

    Yep, he should have been able to win that game 1-0 Friday night, what a bum.

    We keep reiterating the nonsense that “he’s had more chances” than anyone in Cleveland Indian history to be a starter, when in truth Carlos Carrasco has had only ONE chance to settle in, and that was in 2011, and what did he do? He reeled off eight consecutive starts in May and June where he averaged 7 innings an outing wit a WHIP of less than 1.00 and lowered his ERA from 5.00 to 3.54. He was terrific, and NO ONE was saying “get rid of the bum.” Then he hurt his arm right after that brilliant set of starts, and it completely derailed his career. Well, he’s back, his stuff is still intact, all he needs his time. We gave Justin time; heck we’ve given him whole seasons of suck…Kluber was HORRIBLE start after start until he clicked. Same with McAllister. You think the Cleveland Indians, who will NEVER be able to afford a front-line starter (and will lose Masterson) can just toss away guys like Carrasco? Dream on, everybody, this isn’t fantasy baseball, it’s the real deal, and the sport is hard, not easy.

    • LG

      Great replay this says a lot especially about the Indians not paying for pitching….


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