Ladies & Gentleman, please join us Monday Evening at 7:00P.M. Est. as we welcome the Legendary Women's football coach Dion Lee to the Cleveland Sports 360 Show. Coach Lee was one of the most successful head coaches the Lingerie Football League was fortunate to have. Lee has spent decades teaching women the game of football. Dion Lee probably was the most experience coach for women that the LFL ever had. He was able to become one of the most successful coaches in the League. He took the Las Vegas Sin to the top in his rookie season. He was able to bring players into the LFL (Now The Legends Football League) that were skilled in the game of football.

Lee, like many of the coaches that worked in the LFL was dismissed by the self-proclaimed commissioner of the LFL. It seems like the guy running the LFL doesn't want successful coaches with their own minds. He wants people that he can control. Lee certainly wasn't a guy who would fall into that category. Lee brought years of experience working in women's football with him. This guy knew what it takes to build a winning team and that is exactly what Coach Lee did.

Before being recruited by the LFL, Lee had a very successful outdoor women's football team he coached. The team called the Las Vegas Showgirlz. This was a full tackle football team and they wore complete football uniforms, not some skimpy Lingerie that leaves women open to uncalled for injuries. The Showgirlz under the guidance of Lee were very good. They were the 2009 WFA DIVISION CHAMPS, they followed that with 2010 WFA DIVISION Championship and if that wasn't enough they followed that with a 2012 WFA DIVISION Championship.

You can see that Dion Lee knows women's football and he knows how to build a winning women's football team through great fundamental coaching. It is very surprising the LFL wouldn't make a guy like Dion Lee their commissionaire.  Wouldn't you think if you were really trying to build a women's football league and you truly cared about the level of competition with women athletes you would bring in a highly qualified guy who knows something about women's football to run it for you? That's what I would do.

Be sure to tune in next Monday night February 18th at 7:00P.M. Est. to catch the next episode of the Cleveland Sports 360 show to hear what Coach Dion Lee has to say about women's football. Find out what Coach Lee is working on now, hear about all the experience Coach Lee has had past and present.

You can watch the show by logging onto   This is one episode of the Cleveland Sports 360 show you really don't want to miss. We will bring you all the news about the sport of women's football we can. Don't miss this show, it is going to be extremely enlightening.

When Dion Lee took the job as head coach of the Las Vegas Sin, Yahoo Voices called him the perfect fit. I wonder why he wasn't? Guess we find out Monday night at 7. See ya there.....


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