The Cleveland Indians gave Ubaldo Jimenez a couple of extra days off in between starts, it didn’t help the big man. As a matter of fact, he looked worse in the Boston game last night than he had in a while. Jimenez, just can’t find the answers to his pitching problems and either can the Indians coaching staff.

It is time to get Jimenez some mental help.The problem is between Ubaldo’s ears, he is being mentally affected, by the bad pitches he is throwing. The guy has the tools to get the job done. He is just mentally falling apart, he has lost any confidence that he once had.

The guy needs a good sports therapist. What else can the Indians do for the guy. He pitched 1-2/3′s innings against Boston and gave up 7 earned runs. He walked 5 batters and only had one strike out. The guy is in ruins, they can’t save this guy with what they are doing.

The Indians have to try something different or part ways with Ubaldo. They need to have a guy they can count on. Lately the only thing they can count on with Jimenez is another loss. Send the guy to the clinic and have him mentally repaired.

You wither fix the guy or you move on. It has been a few seasons watching him struggle. How much longer are we going to watch Jimenez self destruct in an Indians uniform?

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  1. John

    While that remains a possibility, there is another possibility, that his good year(s) in Colorado were an aberration and he is not the dominant pitcher he was. Maybe this is the real Ubaldo, and maybe he should be shipped out to somebody desperate for pitching for some decent prospects. All he is doing now is hurting the team. One of the worst trades the Tribe have ever made.

    • jj

      Ubaldo had 1/2 of a great year at Colorado followed by two bad half years. Cleveland didn’t seem to mind taking him after that. Of course, they traded a couple of pitchers who haven’t done anything in Colorado. One is gone and the other is in triple A. At least they aren’t paying them anything.


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