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Heckert Explains To Haslam He was Forced To Take Weeden

7 Games that is all the Browns have left this season.  For Brandon Weeden the Browns 29-year-old rookie quarterback these are the most important games in his professional career. We all know Weeden already failed at a professional career in Major League baseball, now he could be on the verge of failing as a N.F>L. quarterback. Cleveland Browns president Joe Banner has said, Weeden has 7 games to prove himself so he can determine whether or not Brandon Weeden is the right guy to continue as the Browns starting quarterback.  Banner just placed some pressure on the old rookie. Weeden cracks under pressure. The entire N.F.L. knows Weeden gets rattled when he faces any kind of pressure. I wonder how Weeden will do with the pressure of Banner watching him now?

Weeden has only completed around 55% of his passes this season, he is second in the NFL in interceptions and that number will likely grow in the next 7 games. The Cleveland Browns will face some tough competition in their next 7 games. They start out in Dallas where the Cowboys will be trying to salvage their season. The Browns defense could help their rookie quarterback if they can intercept some of Tony Romo's passes, Romo leads the league in Interceptions but almost half of his bad throws came in just 2 games. The Dallas defense will be coming after Weeden that is for sure. If they can pressure the Rookie and shake him up the Cowboys could force Weeden to some bad decisions.

Then Cleveland will face their top rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers. We all know how the Steelers like to pressure the Browns quarterback, Weeden is sure to be shocked against the Steelers. If Big Ben is still out for this game the Steelers defense will be doing what they can to help the team win the game. Tomlin will have his defense attacking Brandon Weeden all game long. The next 2 games for the Browns could be win-able games. They face the Oakland Raiders and then the Kansas City Chiefs. The Raiders haven't played very good football this season but their defense can bring the pressure to the quarterback. Then there is Romeo Crennel who the Browns fired leading his Kansas City Chiefs against the Browns.

We all saw what the Chiefs defense is capable of doing. They took Roethlisberger out of the game and he is out with shoulder damage this week too. Weeden isn't nearly as capable of taking a hit as Roethlisbereger is. No matter what we think of the Steelers q.b. he is one tough S.O.B.. The Browns have to protect Weeden real good against the Chiefs otherwise Weeden's season could be over.    Then the Browns take on RGIII and the Red Skins, this game could go either way.

That leaves the Browns with two games to wrap up their season, the Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium and the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh. If Banner is going to see if Weeden is the guy the team builds around it could get any tougher for Weeden. He has three games the Browns can win if they play well and Weeden doesn't turn the ball over. The other four could be tough. If Brandon Weeden plays as he has so far this season, Banner will make a move.

Brandon Weeden doesn't fit the Joe Banner quarterback mold in the first place. All one has to do to realize this is look at the guys that played quarterback for the Eagles under Joe Banner's watch, all of them except one could get out of trouble with their feet, Brandon Weeden cannot do that.... Leading the League in interceptions and only completing 55% of your passes isn't going to cut it in the N.F.L..

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