Heckert & Haslam

Heckert Explains To Haslam He was Forced To Take Weeden

7 Games that is all the Browns have left this season.  For Brandon Weeden the Browns 29-year-old rookie quarterback these are the most important games in his professional career. We all know Weeden already failed at a professional career in Major League baseball, now he could be on the verge of failing as a N.F>L. quarterback. Cleveland Browns president Joe Banner has said, Weeden has 7 games to prove himself so he can determine whether or not Brandon Weeden is the right guy to continue as the Browns starting quarterback.  Banner just placed some pressure on the old rookie. Weeden cracks under pressure. The entire N.F.L. knows Weeden gets rattled when he faces any kind of pressure. I wonder how Weeden will do with the pressure of Banner watching him now?

Weeden has only completed around 55% of his passes this season, he is second in the NFL in interceptions and that number will likely grow in the next 7 games. The Cleveland Browns will face some tough competition in their next 7 games. They start out in Dallas where the Cowboys will be trying to salvage their season. The Browns defense could help their rookie quarterback if they can intercept some of Tony Romo’s passes, Romo leads the league in Interceptions but almost half of his bad throws came in just 2 games. The Dallas defense will be coming after Weeden that is for sure. If they can pressure the Rookie and shake him up the Cowboys could force Weeden to some bad decisions.

Then Cleveland will face their top rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers. We all know how the Steelers like to pressure the Browns quarterback, Weeden is sure to be shocked against the Steelers. If Big Ben is still out for this game the Steelers defense will be doing what they can to help the team win the game. Tomlin will have his defense attacking Brandon Weeden all game long. The next 2 games for the Browns could be win-able games. They face the Oakland Raiders and then the Kansas City Chiefs. The Raiders haven’t played very good football this season but their defense can bring the pressure to the quarterback. Then there is Romeo Crennel who the Browns fired leading his Kansas City Chiefs against the Browns.

We all saw what the Chiefs defense is capable of doing. They took Roethlisberger out of the game and he is out with shoulder damage this week too. Weeden isn’t nearly as capable of taking a hit as Roethlisbereger is. No matter what we think of the Steelers q.b. he is one tough S.O.B.. The Browns have to protect Weeden real good against the Chiefs otherwise Weeden’s season could be over.    Then the Browns take on RGIII and the Red Skins, this game could go either way.

That leaves the Browns with two games to wrap up their season, the Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium and the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh. If Banner is going to see if Weeden is the guy the team builds around it could get any tougher for Weeden. He has three games the Browns can win if they play well and Weeden doesn’t turn the ball over. The other four could be tough. If Brandon Weeden plays as he has so far this season, Banner will make a move.

Brandon Weeden doesn’t fit the Joe Banner quarterback mold in the first place. All one has to do to realize this is look at the guys that played quarterback for the Eagles under Joe Banner’s watch, all of them except one could get out of trouble with their feet, Brandon Weeden cannot do that…. Leading the League in interceptions and only completing 55% of your passes isn’t going to cut it in the N.F.L..

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Readers Comments (30)

  1. ABrown

    You’re right, LG, the pressure just got ramped up on Weeden. And look around the league, Fitzgerald in Buffalo just heard the same kind of message that he will be evaluated over the next 7 games to determine his future with the team.

    Did you notice that no one said to Eli Manning, even though he’s had some bad games, “We’ll be evaluating your future with the Giants.” Certainly no one said that to Luck or Wilson, for example.

    • LG

      You can hear it n Weeden’s voice when he says on the news “I’m not a moron I know I have to play better”…..He is nervous now and he will crack under the pressure..

  2. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … just what exactly is the “joe banner qb mold” ??

    as a weeden supporter , i do agree it’s go-time for weeden & it starts this weekend … it’s time to start playing well , not just okay.

    of course , i expect him to play well , even against the dallas defense. let’s get together monday & assess … have a good one.

    • LG

      A Joe Banner quarterback mold is one who can scramble to avoid touble and throw on the run look back at the Eagles under Joe Banner, who do you see playing q.b.? Cunningham, and others that could run like a dear. Check it out you will see weeden isn’t one of them….

  3. Bob

    So all week I am hearing/seeing about Johnny Football (Manziel) from Texas A&M on ESPN and how they keep saying he is a “defense’s worst nightmare”. He not only can throw form the pocket well, but he’s mobile, scrambles successfully when in trouble and does well under pressure. Sounds like an ideal QB to me. The Browns need a guy like that. Oh wait. They do have a guy like that. A guy who did not get the kind of protection that Weeden now gets. The Jets have a guy like that also. The Jets guy won a lot of football games for an ungrateful Broncos team. Afterall, a win is a win. I have to say McCoy & Tebow do add a level of excitement in watching them play and they both confuse defenses. I for one hope both McCoy & Tebow get a chance to play for teams that plays their strengths. Those strengths are why they won in college. Those strengths are what got them to the NFL. I hope they get a chance for teams that want to win. At least Crennel is not as stubborn and in denial as Shurmer or Ryan are about the two loser QBs (Weeden & Sanchez) they continue to use. Crennel benched Cassel when he saw the loses. Sanchez & Weeden are hurting their teams and both get passes on their play by two of the worst egomaniac coaches in the NFL right now, who never take blame on themselves.

  4. Stivmarley

    What’s amazing to me is that you can’t wait to get on the bandwagon to bash Weeden. Look back at all of your previous articles, and will notice a common theme. Sure, he might not be an NFL elite QB, but com’on man support the team. If we can get some sort of a consistent QB work, this team may finally go somewhere. As far as Mr. Banner is concerned, my only comment is how many Super Bowls have all his QB’s won. Using this type of logic, Peyton Manning is a failure too! Really ? Just saying . . . . .

    • LG

      Stivmarley, I have supported the team my entire life, I am tired of losing season after season. The Browns suck and shouldn’t even be in the NFL. We were told how great weeden was going to be and how much better the team would be. The Browns suck again and it is a combination of a coach that can’t coach and a quarterback that can’t lead his team to victories.

    • ricktenny

      Have faith. The leader of the pack that brought us the BS about Weeden is already gone. I would be surprised to see Shumer and “NFL Ready, Mature, Rocketarmmed Passer” Childress still around here next year. They will probably be wondering if the Walrus still has some magic up his fin for them.
      Hellooooooooooo Mike are you out there?

  5. ABrown

    A quarterback evaluation — that sounds a lot like a quarterback competition.

    Here’s a story of such a competition. QB A and QB B go into preseason with the starting job on the line. The coach strongly favors QB B.

    After 4 games, here’s how the competition shapes up:

    QB Comp% Yd/Att Rating Rushing

    A 75% 9.75 119.1 9.7 yds per/carry 1 TD
    B 49% 6.10 59.7 0 yds per/carry 1 INT

    This looks like a no-brainer. QB A scores 50% higher in all relevant categories, with the kind of performance that distinguishes only the top quarterbacks in the NFL. The coach must be overjoyed to have such a player to lead his team.

    But there is one problem. The coach still prefers QB B. He staked his future on the success of QB B, and placed the blame for last year’s season on QB A, saying he is not an NFL caliber QB, to hide his own failures as a coach.

    What does the coach do?

    He starts QB B and does everything he can to prop up his play, give him extraordinary blocking, and calls out the receivers who can’t catch QB B’s off target throws that sail 5 feet over their heads.

    But some people see that QB B isn’t playing very well. Time for QB evaluation and Coach evaluation.

    When I found these preseason stats today, I couldn’t help wondering how much different the Browns season could have been this year with a real coach and a real quarterback.

    I’m thinking possible playoff berth.

    • Sam

      Well, you see there A Brown, quarterback A had the luxury of playing against 2nd and 3rd string defenses. By your logic, Brady, both Mannings, and RG3 should all be on the bench as well. I don’t think anybody in the universe besides Colt McCoy fanboys pay any attention to preseason stats. The Browns have far worse problems than Brandon Weeden and if you don’t realize that then you are blind or, yet again, a sour Colt McCoy fanboy.

      • ABrown

        Sam, that old excuse about playing against 2nd and 3rd stringers doesn’t hold water. McCoy was leading a unit of 2nd and 3rd stringers, and other teams put their 2nd and 3rd strings up against Weeden and company most of the time.

        McCoy had his best game against the Eagles who played their backups from the opening snap against Weeden and made jokes in the Philly press about how their backups looked like starters and made the Browns starters look like backups. And, unfortunately, most of the league would say that most of our backups are not good enough to play in the NFL.

        So Shurmur gave McCoy a knife to take to a gun fight, but McCoy led his out manned guys to a win. That in itself says he should win the QB competition — certainly better than Weeden leading our starters to defeat by the opponents 2nd string.

        You say preseason doesn’t count?? It’s when players EARN their place on the team by the quality of their play — everywhere except Cleveland, that is, so maybe that’s what you don’t understand.

        And finally, what’s this about Brady and the Mannings being on the bench by my logic??

        No, I want the BEST players with the best stats and the best game performance to play, not the coach’s PET.

        Sam, you are the one who would put the best players on the bench.

  6. Sam

    I’m sorry but the elephant in the room has always been that this guy took a low-blow shot at Weeden on Twitter and was displeased by Weeden reacting like any other human being would to an obvious hater. The site has bashed Weeden ever since. I’m not trying to hate on the site because you are obvious a passionate fan, but just get over it man. Imagine how you will feel if Weeden actually turns out to be a successful quarterback and leads the Browns to the playoffs in the future. You won’t even be able to enjoy it because you bashed the dude to hell and will get equal criticism in return.

    • LG

      Sam I would love it if Weeden turned into a great leader and led the Browns into the play-offs, just don’t think we are going to see it you have to have heart to play in the NFL….

  7. RB

    Maybe Cleveland Sports 360 should find a different writer. I have yet to see progession in your writing throughout the season.

    If a stranger to Cleveland Browns football were to read your articles, the only thing the Browns would need to do to be successful would be to get a new coach and start McCoy.

    If anyone honestly believes the Browns were a playoff team this year with the current roster, you don’t know football.

    Andrew luck has only completed 57.5% of his passes. He’s has passes for 1 more touch down, with 3 less interceptions and has fumbled 6 more times than Weeden. Statistically speaking, not a whole lot of difference between the numnber 1 pick of the draft and the 22nd pick. But I’m guessing you believe McCoy should be a starter in Indy too.

    • LG

      RB, nobody was talking play-offs. We were suppose to get more wins than last year according to the main man Mike Holmgren before the season started, it is funny how many people forget what he said about the team coming into the 2012 season. If we had a shot at winning more games with McCoy we should have taken it. But no here we are again putting crap football out ton the field.

    • ABrown

      RB, still beating up on the messenger? Don’t you realize the message is still there.

      Haslem and Banner say that a team must have a great QB and a great coach to be successful. Makes sense to me, and that’s why they are looking at the QB and coaching because they are not convinced what we have at QB and coach now is what we need.

      And the talk about PLAYOFFS this year came from your guy Weeden after the 2nd game when he was starting to count wins he said were soon to come.

      • LG

        ABrown, Also Mike Holmgren the first guy Haslam kicked to the curb said the Browns would win more games this season too…..That was until he saw Weeden perform then he quickly changed his tune…

        • ABrown

          Yes, I remember that. But then they saw Weeden play in preseason and set a new land speed record back-pedaling on that prediction.

          • LG

            You’re sure right about that ABrown, then after the first game when Weeden had his 5.1 Q.B. Rating, I heard the Browns had defibrillators installed throughout the stadium….LOL

      • RB

        I’m beating up on the messenger because he makes it sound as though Shurmur and Weeden are the only issues with this football team.

        He needs to broaden his horizons show us his vast personal football knowledge by talking about something other than Shurmur this, Weeden that.

        It is a known fact that Weeden is being looked at the remainder of the year. It’s also a fact they’re looking at every other player during these games as well.

        Perhaps LG should consider the microscope Josh Cribbs is under for the rest of the season. I believe his contract is up at the end of the season. Is he worth resigning or has he lost a step?

        Let’s see LG mix it up a bit.

        • LG

          RB, I know they are not the only problems with the foot ball team, however they are the main problems….

  8. ABrown

    Sam, look at some of Weeden’s splits. When you separate his play in the Red Zone or when we are Tied., Weeden’s QB ratings drop like at rock to half his average — from somewhere in the 60′s to 37.3 in the red zone and 23.7 when we are tied.

    Great quarterbacks don’t play that way when the team needs them. They raise their level of play as McCoy does.

    That’s the point of LGs article. Weeden can’t face pressure.

    THAT is the elephant in the room!

  9. AM

    I get that the QB is a primary leader on the team. I get that the everyone loves those “mobile” quarterbacks. I get that Weeden has had two stinkers for games. What I don’t get is that fact that to the best of my knowledge, football is a team sport. I think both Weeden and McCoy have shown a significant amount of class – neither of them have done anything (from what I have read – since I’m not in the locker room) that would suggest that either of them is not a “team guy”.

    The Browns are having a terrible time getting all pieces of team play to work during a single game – one week the defense is playing great, the passing game is working, but the running game sucks and there are too many penalties; the next week, the defense sucks, the passing game is not flowing well, but the running game is firing; then you have a week that you have injuries to key players, and the special teams let another team back into the game; or you have the coaching staff mismanage the game.

    I don’t care who you have as quarterback – if you can’t get your TEAM to play and work together – you will have a tough time winning games. The Browns have been in every games this year – they have lost a few close ones and won 2 close ones. An interception, a fumble, a penalty, a dropped pass, a bad tackle, bad play calling – they all add up. And the difference in many cases, 7 or less points would have meant a win (or a loss). The margin of error is very small.

    This is a team with a losing record, that could easily be winless or at least .500 or better. Personally, I believe they would have won at least two of their first four games if Joe Haden has been available to play.

    Weeden is not THE problem – anymore than the coach is THE problem. I think the whole team, top to bottom is on notice – all the way to from the top to the kid that puts out the game uniforms.

    • LG

      Hey the coach is responsible for getting his team to play as a team.

    • ABrown

      AM, the team owner says he’s most concerned with the coach and the quarterback and that’s what he wants evaluated.

      Try to tell him it’s the equipment manager that holds the future of the team in his hands. . .

    • Bob

      Sorry. But Weeden is also part of the problem. He has cost the team wins due to being unable to handle pressure, makes bad decisions and his accuracy on the long ball pretty much stinks. He plays like a starting pitcher. He’s good or decent in the beginning and then somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd quarter he begins to fail. Someone needs to tell him that there are no relief pitchers in the NFL. The two wins the Browns have are due to the defense. Cribbs in a radio interview about 2 weeks ago basically said that McCoy would have more wins by now because he knew the system better. I have yet to see Weeden being the hero of any game. Have you? BTW – I don’t consider him a rookie because we were told he was NFL ready because of his age. That’s what Shurmur & Holmgren conveyed and that’s what I expected.

  10. marty

    The browns are not worried about dallas pass rush.They have the best offensive line.More than likely, the protection will be 4 to 5 sec.before pressure is seen. Weedon is used to 5 sec. min.He’ll have to think faster, and react faster. This is where he will fail.He waits too long to throw. If dallas does sack, it won’t be more than once. This game is between the QB. I hope I’m wrong I want Cleveland to win. It just that so far I had weedon pegged right. He doesn’t have the fire and heart for the game. If there is an interception it will be all on weedon. Some fans have begin complaining about Cribbs. I will never criticize a man that gives his heart to the game. He wants what we all want. WIN!

    • ABrown

      You are right Marty, but even with a heroic O-line like the Browns have, we haven’t faced a pass rusher like Demarcus Ware — he’s always at the top of the league in sacks.

      There may be lots of problems on the team, but the biggest problems are the Head Coach and the Quarterback. They both do more harm than good with their endless supply of mistakes that lose games.

      One final thing about Weeden’s arm and being able to “stretch the field”. Weeden has thrown 60 passes over 15 yards, BUT he has only completed 28% of those. No body stretches the field with only 28% accuracy. And for all the hoopla and the waste of a 1st round pick, we get less than 1 and 1/2 passes of 20 yards or more per game, and the quarterback who could complete more, who won the QB competition, and proved he is the best leader for this team sat on the bench while Shurmur and Weeden wasted another year for the Browns.

  11. MFH

    LG, your a idiot!! He doesn’t lead the league in interceptions. Enough said.

    • LG

      MFH, I think you are the IDIOT that needs how to learn to read, I never said he led the League in Interceptions. He will lead the league if he throws 2 in Dallas he is only one behind Romo for the lead now….


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