Here we go again, another losing season for the Cleveland Browns and the fans are thinking Johnny Manziel is going to come in out of the 2014 NFL draft and save the team.

I guess these people didn’t learn anything from the 2012 draft. The fans wanted the Browns to draft Trent Richardson and they did.

Turns out the guy who the Browns wasted the 3 overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft, isn’t even a good substitute in the NFL. Richardson is one of the worst picks in the history of the NFL.

Now that the Browns don’t even know who the head coach is going to be, fans in the Cleveland area are thinking the Browns really need Manziel.

I ask, what for? Manziel may have had some success in the NCAA, but he won’t find the same thing when and if he  makes the transition into the NFL.

Manziel isn’t big enough to take the beating NFL linebackers and corner backs will lay on him. Running quarterbacks don’t last long in the NFL and there are no running quarterbacks that can get out of bed after they call it a career.

Cleveland needs a pocket passer. Someone without the attitude Manziel brings to the table. If Manziel thinks he is going to bring the same attitude into the NFL, he should be aware of how fast the NFL defenses will knock it off his face.

Some of the most successful NFL QB’s are pure pocket passers. Guys like Brady, Manning and even Andrew Luck.

The Browns need a guy with brains enough to stand in the pocket and read a defense and make the plays. If they use the pick on Manziel, Cleveland will just prolong the process of finding a franchise quarterback.

It isn’t Johnny Manziel.

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  1. Paul Avery

    LG, you left out of your article who you think the Browns should pick. If you write about this team on a nearly daily basis, you should have a good idea of the team makeup. So, tell us who you would pick and why? This is the kind of story that fans want to read. We have enough negativity going around, I am looking for someone to guide us and give us hope. So, will you step up?

    • LG


  2. william

    I know. You want Bridgewater. I can’t see where he has the edge.

    • LG

      I think Bridgewater would be better in the NFL than Manziel

  3. JT

    There seem to be a lot of baseless assumptions in this article. I am not a Manziel fan per say, or do I pretend to know how he will do in the NFL. But I wonder what the writer of this article thought about Russell Wilson in the draft, probably too small and the NFL is not NCAA? You know what the great pocket passers of the NFL have in common? Pass protection. How many times were the Browns QB’s this year hurried, knocked down or sacked (that issue is more complex than just the O line or pass protection)? It is true that the running quarterbacks like Kaepernick, Wilson, and RG3 have had to modify their game to match the speed and size of the NFL, but are you saying they won’t be great QB’s too? Also Manziel is a terrible pocket passer with nearly a 70% completion percentage from the pocket? So I guess he doesn’t have the brains to read defenses with that kind of completion percentage? I also think Manziel has played some pretty good corners and linebackers over the past two years (how many players has Alabama put in the NFL the past 2 years alone?). I by no means believe that Cleveland fans should be putting their season’s hope in a single draft pick, but for an article to state that the NFL is not the NCAA as a basis of evaluating QB talent is a little weak.

  4. Felix DeAngelis


  5. marty

    He is extremely exciting to watch. He has a huge heart for the game.Unfortunly, his size is against him.Now that back from Clemson will be tough, but he has a history of medical problems. I want a 6’6 260# Quarterback with bionic arms. Somehow I still hope for a championship.

  6. Eric Boardman

    Thank God, someone has some sense. We have already used 3 top 60 picks on “franchise” quarterbacks in the last five years. Draft Sammy Watkins, a mauler right guard, and a running back, and we’ll roll. Sad to say, the morons running the Browns will draft him, probably move up to do it.

  7. JIM V

    Who should they go after? I don’t follow college ball except OH.State U

    • LG

      The Louisville Guy,Bridgewater

  8. Marky Mark

    You say we don’t need Johnny Manziel…are you not watching the Seattle Seahawks game?? A mobile quarterback is what you need in a game today with the presence to look down field and to know when to be a pocket passer. Be a little smarter with the articles you write. You obviously don’t think before you write.

    • LG

      Manziel is not Russell Wilson

  9. lglegl

    this is why you are a moron LG, Manziel will be the next Drew Brees, Rusell Wilson. You are the same guy who didn’t
    like Bruce Arians and other coach[s who have come through Cleveland and done well elsewhere. Get Manziel, get Carlos Hyde and we are on our way.

  10. Sean

    I agree.

  11. Ternan

    I agree Manziel simply is not the right fit for Cleveland. Manziel was a media created sensation – he is over-hyped, a marginal performer based upon the quality of competition he was confronted with this year. Six of the eight wins by Texas A&M was against Rice, Sam Houston, SMU, Arkansas, Ole Miss and UTEP – hardly powerhouses. When he did play ranked teams he lost 4 out of 5.

  12. mike

    kirk cousins – wash redskins back-up trade 3rd round pick – proven he can perform at high level – we already have another good back up qb, use draft choices for topnotch D line, LB, WR, and DB.

    don’t waste another draft pick for someone that is going to change the world – not avail – get good hard nose consistent players – the cream will rise to the top – most of the players that are NFL stars – were not stars – the #1 pick in the draft. when are u going to learn. Greatness is attitude, hard work, dedication, and respect for the game. Many of those projected have it, but can they maintain it?? look at the stats – hall of fame and top players – how many were drafted # 1? O line and D line are the most important – WR’s today are also very important. LB’s that can track backs and TE’s are need – good attitude, no drugs – no criminal history – at least avg grades in college – and should have at least completed 2 years – of school. Don’t waste time on the others. stand for something – winning, respect, integrity, they are easy to find if you don’t get caught in the hype

  13. Ben

    How about Aaron Murray? He owns most of the SEC QB records, will be a steal, and an inch taller than Manziel.

  14. Horton

    You can bet that the stooges will make the wrong decision.

    Hire Dan Quinn,DC, Seahawks,draft Sammy Watkins with first pick, get good RB with 2nd and someone like AJ Mccarron in the third round.

  15. Kevin

    Wow one of the worst articles I have read on this site glad you left your name to be scrutinized as an author. not. Richardson wasn’t meant to be a savior and neither is Manzeil if picked. We are horribly lacking in the quarterback department and the talent is there this year to pick one this year (we haven’t used a top five draft pick on a quarterback since Tim couch) . There are plenty of holes to be filled on this team but dogging on ones we haven’t even picked is just bad karma man. Sincerely not even a manzeil fan.

  16. JIM V

    Before everyone gets so excited about who to draft. Remember a player who’s name is Hoyer! Let see what kind of shape he’ll be in come summer camp. Another QB from the 80s his name was Brian Sipe! But he didn’t have a strong arm strength! Oh and there is Rothlesburger! 3rd string finally got to play. 2 Superbowls if memory serves me. 1st we need a player that’s smart, and doesn’t play scared!!! and receivers who can catch and hang on to the ball! Hey guys! WE NEED A OFFENSIVE LINE!

  17. JAMES

    He’s gonna turn into Ryan Leaf.. Super Cocky and way too immature. Only a matter of time, after losing week after week, before he starts fights with other players, bad mouthing the Coaching staff(who ever that might be)and, Then attacking Journalists..Mark my words Ryan Leaf round 2.

  18. JIM V

    Give me players like the Honeybadger is in the Animal Kingdom! Their not afraid of anything except Elephants! That is called intelligence!


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