When Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski placed Montario Hardesty on the I.R. yesterday, it spoke volumes about his inexperience as a head coach in the NFL.  Hardeesty was the favored coming into the 2013 season to back up Trent Richardson.

Even though Hardesty had his knee surgically touched up, he was only expected to miss one or two game in the regular season. The team placed him on the I.R. yesterday and now are faced with using Brandon Jackson and  Chris Ogbonnaya as the back ups to T-Rich.

This might be fine if Richardson stays healthy this season. But so far that hasn’t been the case and with the way the Cleveland Browns offensive line run blocks, it is possible that Richardson gets injured again this season.

With Hardesty rushed to the I.R. Chudzinski shelved the one guy in the Browns backfield that had the ability to hit the holes hard. Hardesty out rushed Richardson per carry last season. He was able to burst through the holes the team did make and he usually did it for positive yardage.

The team came into the 2013 season with a stacked offensive backfield, now they lost 2 guys who could have been difference makers. Chudzinski pushed the panic button on Hardesty and he should have waited the week or two to have him available in week 3 of the regular season.


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Readers Comments (25)

  1. RICK

    LG, I believe Chud and the Doctors know more about it than you do. I don’t believe it has anything to do with inexperience. It looks like your the one pushing the panic button. Last year you said Richardson wouldn’t be ready for the opener so I think I will go with the coaches decision.

    • LG

      Rick you know I talk to Hardesty…..He wasn’t to miss the season….Just a game or 2

      • bob

        When I talked to him he only said ouch that hurts

  2. TopF

    LG, Did you read your own article? Hardesty is the one with durability issues, good move on chuds part, makes additional room should they need to grab a free agent.

    • LG

      He was going to be ready by either week one or 2……He was very durable for the past 2 seasons….

      • keith

        Great move. Wise choice.

  3. jeff

    Do you actually think the head coach is the only one involved in making that call.

    • LG

      No I don’t but he should have a lot of say as to his personnel….

  4. Stiv Marley

    LG, TopF is right ! Hardesty has problems staying healthy. It was the knock on him right from college. That’s why he was a third round pick. I will say this. They should have cut him instead of putting him on IR.

    • Stien

      Agreed, would have been better off cutting him, but it’s always good to have a better replacement in place before you do so, this will give the team a chance to get all set for next year at rb, and if things don’t work out the way they want them to, then they can keep him as a back up plan

      • LG

        Why would we cut him? This is Cleveland, we draft players here that have problems….We even take them with the number one pick sometimes…..

  5. BrownsFan4Ever

    Hardesty on the bench is a good thing for the team. What will we miss? His 1 lone rushing touchdown in 3 years? Or his 3.5 yards per carry average? Or his 16 receptions (5.333 per year! wow!) and zero receiving touchdowns?

    Back up? That’s laughable. It’s a shame we’ve found ourselves in a situation where we can’t cut the guy and get rid of him once and for all.

    The best backup RB we have (had) is Dion Lewis and he’s out for the season. I have my suspicions he could have been better then T-Rich.

  6. Stien

    Wouldn’t this be more of a front office job? I doubt Chud had too much input here, I would think this falls to Lombardi

    • LG

      You may have a point….

  7. B-rad

    So you speak to Hardesty do ya????…..Saying hello to him in passing or sitting; drooling like a little kid to get an autograph does not constitute you “talking” to him… Take a back seat and let them do their jobs…. Highly doubt you know anything more than a doughnut house…. Love your friend always, B-rad..PS You better post this

  8. Brownsfan37

    Cut him already, he’s a waste of a roster spot.

  9. faho

    What do you mean with: “… the way the Cleveland Browns offensive line run blocks …”

    • LG

      They don’t run block they are doing very well pass blocking but they don’t do well run blocking….


    I like the talent that Hardesty had. But, I have to admit, he’s had trouble staying healthy. That’s a shame for both him and the Browns.
    As far as the decision to put him on IR I’m guessing that Joe Banner had some heavy influence. Although he stated that everybody has input he also said that he has the final say unless overruled by Haslam.

  11. superdouche

    two words beanie wells and if you don’t like it look at his osu tapes just put a iron boot on that toe and hes a beast

  12. John

    You need to seriously edit that first paragraph. At least 3 errors. Second, this is as much Lombardi and Banner as it is Chud. Finally, the guy is the most injury prone guy on our roster. He was a cut but Browns found a way with “injury” to hold onto him for another year of evaluation

  13. Tom Wynne

    or maybe the brainless shouldn’t have drafted damaged goods in the first place…

    • LG

      that’s right…

  14. JohnnyV

    LG – you did your job. Your headline got us to read the article. This has nothing to do with Chud’s inexperience. Hardesty’s contract is done after this year. They “only” owe him about $575K. Good move by the Browns. I think they did him a favor.


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