The face of Jason Kipnis said it all. Disappointment, that’s the message I got with one look at Kipnis in the Indians dugout when the last out came. The Indians offense never got going. The hottest team in baseball bats were silenced by Alex Cobb of the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Indians out hit the Tampa Bay Rays in the game, but they couldn’t bring the runners across the plate. The Tribe was shut out 4-0 and they had more than enough base runners to win this ball game. The heart of the batting order couldn’t get a hit.

Kipnis, Cabrera, Swisher and Bourn all went hit less in the game. The guys who are suppose to be difference makers at the plate didn’t do anything in the game that was to propel the Indians into the play offs.

It was the same story through much of the season. The offense could not get going when facing a tough pitcher. Cobb did what he had to do to eliminate the Cleveland Indians who were the hottest team in baseball coming into the wild card game.

Danny Salazar gave up one home run and gave up 4 hits in total and was charged with 3 earned runs in the game. In the end it just didn’t matter with the way the Indians offense played.

The Indians had a great season and went further than anyone thought they would go. They just missed taking the central by 2 games and they just missed a trip to the play offs by one game. It is time to get ready for next season and hopefully we will see the magic return.

Congratulations to the Cleveland Indians on a season well done.


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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Larry Gainer

    I thought that too many players were swinging for the fences rather than just trying to square up on the ball and hit it hard somewhere. Also, there were so many swinging strikes at pitches out of the zone. The hitters’ patience was not good. Perhaps the classic example was the pitch that Jason Kipnis swung at decided low on a 3 and 1 count and runners on base.

    Also, on Jennings’ double, why was our third baseman in the baseline with two out and the batter having a bad leg? If he had been 15′ deeper there would have been a better chance to at least knock the ball down and save at least one run.

    On the whole for someone who was taken to his first game in 1953 by an uncle thus becoming a lifelong Indians fan, it was a great year with hopes for next year, also. Many more wins abetted by a positive, professional attitude. Congratulations to all!

    • Max

      Agreed on your points. What was surprising was the fact that Francona started Bourn when I suspect highly he was not 100%. He should have left the line-up the way he had it coming down the stretch the last 4-5 games with Brantley leading off and Aviles playing third base, with Stubbs in center.

      I was in shock when Jennings hit the double. I was wondering why on God’s green Earth Chisenhall was not shading and protecting the third base line with two out and a runner on third????? If Chisenhall is protecting the line, Jennings is a sure out.

  2. Max

    Indians down 3-0, Cobb struggling and just walks Raburn. First pitch to Cabrera is ball one. A walk is a run and it becomes a 3-1 game with still one out. Pitcher struggling, Cabrera bails him out swinging at a 1-0 pitch off the plate outside and grounds into a game-ending and season ending double-play. They never recovered after that, and don’t EVEN get me started on the first and third with NO OUT in the 5th, and no one scored.

    I watched at least 150 games of the Tribe this year, and many times I saw little league teams perform better FUNDAMENTALLY. It’s a known fact that if you swing at a 2-0 pitch, you are going to make an out 70% of the time. I seen multiple rallies in many games derailed because of lack of discipline at the plate by not working the pitch count and the bailing the opposing pitcher out. Same lack of discipline on 3-1 and 3-0 counts. A walk is as good as a hit, especially with the bases LOADED. Francona needs to address plate discipline over the off-season, and I don’t even want to talk about the 21 BLOWN saves the bullpen gave up this year.


  3. Max

    and STOP swinging at the first pitch! (I seen one game this year where the opposing pitcher threw only (4) pitches in the inning and the Indians were retired in order). UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

    Stop trying to outwit the pitcher on the first pitch. You will make an out 72% of the time on the first pitch….AAAARRRRGHHH….lol…


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