After last nights loss to the Tigers, it was so silent in the Indians club house you could hear the air being pushed through the vents. The players say a short memory comes in handy, but the real problem is getting rid of the disappointment.

The Indians tried to say they will shake off last nights loss, but guys like Michael Bourn said the loss hurts, he went on to say, the Indians need to win games like these. He said the series against the Tigers is important and you have to win these games.

He is right, the Indians should have won the game. They were leading with only one inning to play and they lost. It was a turn in emotions that the Tribe has to overcome in less than 24 hours. It isn’t going to be easy but they know they have 3 games left against Detroit.

Tonight the Indians will send Masterson to the mound and the Tigers are going to send Verlander in for the start. The Indians have had their problems with Verlander this season but they have hit him before.

Tonight the Indians offense needs to attack Verlander early. They have to make him throw a lot of pitches to wear him down. If they can get on the board early and Masterson pitches well, the Tribe will be competitive.

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  1. Ken Ratajczak

    This will sound extreme, but I believe the Indians are doing the right thing by calling up Danny Salazar for Wednesday’s game. I think we need to go one step further. Now follow carefully, because the only way to strengthen the team is by a couple of daring moves, but this could get confusing.

    1) Keep Salazar on the staff as a starter. To make room for him, option Bryan Shaw to Columbus.
    2) Move Ubaldo to the bullpen. Since he rarely gets by the 6th inning, he could be our long reliever and spot set up man
    3) Designate Mark Reynolds for assignment. I know his tenure would allow him to have to give consent to go to Columbus but if he clears waivers then the Indians could release him, or he could accept the trip to Columbus. Yet, there could be a team on the fringe that would take him if the Indians paid part of his asinine $7.5 million contract.
    4) Then, call up Omir Santos to be our back up catcher. Thus, we would have Yan Gomes as our starting catcher which would be a stronger defensive move as well as a superior bat in the line up over Reynolds .
    5) To keep Carlos Santana’s bat in the line up, he could DH when Swisher plays 1st base and play 1st base when Swisher is in right field. Francona can’t do that on a regular basis now because DH-ing Santana would leave us without a back up at catcher if Gomes got hurt; without losing the DH for that game. Now, we would have Santos.
    6) So I think these moves would give us a stronger starting rotation, possibly get better use out of Ubaldo coming out of the pen, get Gome”s bat and Dee in the games and not lose any of our flexibility.

    In summary:
    Call up Salazar; option Shaw to Columbus.
    Designate Reynolds for assignment; call up Santos.
    I said it is extreme but I believe we would have a better team.

    • LG

      Doesn’t sound too extreme to me. It sounds like you have a great plan…

      • Ken Ratajczak

        Wow, thanks! I thought you’d figure I was nuts. Now only if we could get the Tribe’s front office to listen.

        • LG

          216-420-4200 call them…..LOL

          • Ken Ratajczak

            That would funny if they answered and actually made the moves. I’d be like George Costanza on the Seinfeld Show when he was hired as Assistant to the Traveling Secretary after he told Steinbrenner( during his job interview) how badly he had run the Yankees.

          • LG

            LOl you’re right…Too Funny


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