The Cleveland Indians lost their 3rd game and were shut out by the Rays for the second night in a row. It hurts bad enough to watch the Tribe get shut out in two consecutive games.  To make matters worse Indians catcher Lou Marson had to leave the game because of a neck injury he suffered when he blocked the plate and stopped the Rays Desmond Jennings from reaching the plate.

Marson left the game with what the Indians trainers described as a cervical-neck strain. As Jennings was running home from third, Indians third baseman, Mike Aviles fielded a ground ball and clearly beat Jennings to the plate with the throw.

Maron assumed the position to block the plate a few feet up the line towards 3rd base when Jennings delivered an elbow to Marson’s head that nearly decapitated the Indians catcher. The blow sent Marson to his back, but the catcher was able to hold onto the ball. As Marson came to his knees the Indians trainer and manager Terry Francona were already by his side.

You could tell the trainer was already starting to deliver the concussion test. Marson was able to stay in the game for the rest of the inning, but the Indians staff held him in the dugout and would not let him return to the game.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the Indians 3rd baseman Mike Aviles  was ejected from the game an inning or two later. Aviles had seen all he could take when it came to bad calls at second base by umpire CB Bucknor who could not make a good call if his life depended on it.  Marson made a throw to second base that clearly caught Jennings trying to steal 2nd.

Had CB Buckner made the right call Jennings who also took 3rd base with a steel, would not have been able to hit Marson. That wasn’t the straw that broke the back of Aviles. It came later when CB Bucknor blew another call when the Indians center fielder threw a bullet that caught James Loney trying to stretch a single into a double.

Jason Kipnis caught the ball and tagged Loney on his foot while he was at least 3 feet away from the bag. That’s when Aviles lost his cool, at the end of the inning he couldn’t keep his mouth shut any longer in the game, and who could blame him?

CB Buckner has got to be the worse empire in all of major league baseball. It is bad enough the Indians are struggling with Tampa Bay pitching this week, the team should at least get fair calls from the umpires while the game is going on. CB Buckner  has no business on a major league baseball field.

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