I don't know about you, but I was expecting Indians manager Terry Francona to pull out all the stops in the wild card game. He watched helplessly as his Indian failed to move base runners across the plate. If the Indians could have scored some runs any runs in the game, it could have changed the out-come.

What was Francona thinking? This was a do or die situation and he let the Indians die. He watched as the major part of the Indians batting order went 0 for 16 in a game that ended the Indians play-off hopes. In games that meant less we saw him pinch hit Jason Giambi.

Meanwhile with post season play in the line, he didn't even give the old veteran a chance. No body has come through and produced the walk off wins like Giambi has done this season coming in off the bench. With the line up struggling I would think Francona would have pulled him into the game and at least made an effort to produce some runs.

I know it is always easy to second guess a mangers position, but this was a game the Tribe needed to win. The season's over and the Indians turned some heads this year. But when the game is on the line and you know this could end everything you worked so hard for, you pull out all the stops.

We didn't see that from Francona in this one and I am left wondering why?

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