Here is the problem with the Cleveland Indians, some fans can’t take them for real. They play good at times and then the team goes missing in action. Since returning home they have stunk up progressive field.  Don’t take me wrong, I love my Indians as much as any Indians fan, but the team has to be more competitive against teams in the running than they have shown us in the first 2 games of the Tigers series.

Then we have a guy named Jason Kipnis, where has he gone? In june the guy was on fire and now when it really matters and the team depends on him, Kipnis is missing in action. He went 0 for 4 in game 2 against the Tigers and he went 1 for 4 in the first game of the series against the Tigers. After hitting .4q9 in June Kipnis decided to re-demonstrate why he isn’t one of the best second baseman in Indians history.

Kipnis can be consistent. Remember the days when the Indians had a second baseman by the name of Carlos Baerga? This was a consistent second baseman. Both defensively and offensively Baerga got the job done.

The Indians need to sit Kipnis down and show him the game films from the days of Baerga. Let Kipnis see what greatness was all about. The Indians have made a poor showing against a team like the Detroit Tigers who are a legitimate team like the Tigers.

The Indians need guys like Kipnis to step it up when playing the team they trailed by 1-1/2 games in the A.L. Central. Instead a guy like Kipnis decides to take time off. The team is not taking the home town support seriously.

They get a sell out crowd and they choked. This Indians team needs to make a better showing than they are doing presently and they need guys like Kipnis to be a leader. When he said he had to start over after the hot June he had people didn’t think he would include his slumps.

Come on Cleveland learn how to do battle seriously. You have looked terrible since starting this home stand. You have 2 games left lets make a statement and split this series. Lets not forget to reward Kipnis for the fine job he is doing now, please vote him onto the All-Star team….. OR NOT!!!!!

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