The Cleveland Cavaliers just beat one of the toughest teams in the NBA. They Beat the Oklahoma City Thunder at home at the Q in downtown Cleveland. Kyrie Irving admitted he lost interest in last nights game and he said it would never happen again. Irving came down with minutes left in the game tonight and hit a great 3 point shot over Russell Westbrook who was defending him to take the wind out of the sails of the Thunder.

The Cavaliers did a great job defending against Kevin Durant tonight too, they held Durant to just 32 points and they sent him to the line at least 15 times. The Cavaliers who have lacked defense stepped up big in this game. The Cavaliers have now won 4 of their last 6 games, not bad for a team that only has 14 wins all season. Kyrie was on fire tonight and so was Tristan Thompson. Irving had 35 points and Thompson picked up his 18th double double.

The Cleveland Cavaliers showed the big crowd that they had in their house tonight that no matter what, this team isn’t going to lay down for anyone. The Cavaliers did a great job playing as a team tonight and this could be the spark this young Cavaliers team needs to get headed in the right direction. If the team can play at this level tonight, why haven’t they don’t this all season? Scott needs to show them the film from this game and he needs to show them it every day.

This team plays with this kind of energy they can beat anyone. Where has this energy been this season.    The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the best team in the NBA tonight.

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