It Looked good when it started for the Cincinnati Bengals in Houston this afternoon. The game against the Texans looked like it was going to become a defensive struggle.  Then the Bengals would score and the Texans looked as though they were going to have a hard time beating the Bengals. Yates had a couple of 3 and outs then as time was running out in the first half, JJ Watt intercepted the football and returned it for a touchdown. The momentum changed with that play and Watt threw in a Dalton sack for good measure to end the half.

When the Texans returned to the field for the second half of the game, it looked as though the Bengals forgot why they were there. The next thing you know Houston was running away with the football game. The Bengals started looking like a team that entered the play offs through the back door. The Bengals defense no longer could control the Texans.

In the third quarter Andre Johnson's 40 Yd Pass From T.J. Yates scored another touchdown and the Texans added one more in the fourth quarter with a Arian Foster 42 Yd Run. It was all over by halftime for the Bengals. The way Andy Dalton played I am sure this kid will be returning to the play offs soon.

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