For one night and one night only, the fans of The Ohio State Buckeyes football team, became fans of LSU football. They were hoping the LSU Tigers could pull off a win over Alabama to help lift the Buckeyes in the national standings.

In the first half, LSU looked like they were going to grant the Buckeyes fans their wish. They couldn’t hold on and when Bama pulled off a fake punt, the tide turned in the game and the Ohio State Buckeyes fans wouldn’t get their wish.

The Crimson Tide would go on to when the game 38-17 over the LSU Tigers and just like that the Tigers lost all the fans in Ohio that were on their side.

The Buckeyes fans hopes disappeared and so did the hopes of Bama losing their first game on the season. The fans of the Buckeyes are hoping for a shot at a National Championship game and there is little doubt they deserve it.

Ohio State is on a 21 game winning streak that includes their undefeated season of 2012. If the Buckeyes win out this season, it would be their second season in a row going undefeated.

With the Buckeyes on a Bye week, the fans had very little to cheer for yesterday, so why not turn and root for the LSU Tigers who offered little help to the Buckeye fans. You can bank on the fact those Buckeye fans aren’t saying anything good about LSU today.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Bob

    Not true. We Buckeye fans are not ingrates. Nice try LSU. You were not playing for us but we would have like to have seen a win. Still you played hard and just lost to a better team. Might be different next year.

  2. Robert

    Thats all Ohio State fans can do is watch and pray one of the 2 teams in front of them lose.While teams like Alabama are playing the LSUs and other physical teams from the SEC , Ohio St will be playing cupcakes like Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.Ya thats fair.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, you mean, Alabama will be playing teams like Miss State, Georgia State, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Chattanooga and Colorado State.

      • Robert

        Ohio State has only 1 ranked team on their schedule. Its ironic that Ohio State fans were talking about how weak NDs schedule was last year and how BoiseSt never played anyone. But both schools played and defeated top ten teams.Al SEC schools schedule too many cupcakes but they still have to go through the SEC. While Ohio St plays in a very weak Bigten.Dont worry about Mich St their Q.B is terrible and their defense can only carry them so far.And i will tell you right now Ohio sts weak pass defense could not match up with Baylor.OSU would need bad weather to slow them down.I still dont get how Ohi st is even in the top 5 when they play no one.

      • Eric

        Exactly Anonymous …talk about cupcakes games . These idiot Bama fans have lost there minds if they think they are deserving of a #1 spot . LOOK , LOOK at the those loser schools they played so for . Johnny football drilled them for 40+ points & if it were not for A&M”s weak D there ass was grass …What a joke …the BUCKS would kill these guys …

  3. Tim

    Yeah, you mean, Alabama will be playing teams like Miss State, Georgia State, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Chattanooga and Colorado State.


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