The Cleveland Browns, the team without a head coach will start the 120 million dollar First Energy Stadium renovation today.  The team couldn't have picked a worse day to send workers to the top of the stands to start removing the seats that are in the way.

The weather forecast in Cleveland is terrible. The temperature is scheduled to drop to record lows and the wind chills are incredible. The team that is paying out 50 million dollars to ex-coaches is putting in some giant jumbo-trons so the fans can enjoy how poorly the team performs in high-def replays.

Seeing it once is bad enough. Watching it again is enough to make season ticket holders sick to their stomachs. The Browns will also be putting in a new sound system so the fans can truly hear how bad the team is performing on the field.

The front office must be hoping the renovations will be enough to entice some decent free agent transactions, to get players in Cleveland to help the team win.

Once the renovations are complete, fans are probably going to be hit with higher ticket prices to enjoy watching the team lose. The Browns are setting records for paying coaches not to coach and with the 120 million they are sinking into the stadium, they are going to hike the prices sooner than later.

It wouldn't be as bad, if the team could have some winning seasons. Losing all the time is enough to force even the most die-hard fans to second guess the price of admission.

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