The Cleveland Browns could be seized by the Feds. That is what the Cleveland Media is reporting. With the trouble Haslam III and his company Pilot Flying J is facing, the media reports if the right kind of charges are filed and Haslam III is convicted on those charges the Cleveland Browns could become the possession of the federal government.

Really, could this be fact? The Browns have enough trouble running a football team. The last thing Cleveland Fans need is the federal government to come in and take control of the team. We see how they run the country, could you imagine if the government took control of the Cleveland Browns. What a mess Jimmy Haslam III has gotten the team into.

People were excited when he took ownership of the team that was handed down to Randy Learner. Many thought Learner was a bad owner because he didn't care about the team.

Now, with Haslam III facing allegations of fraud, the day-to-day operations of the Cleveland Browns are left to Joe Banner. Haslam III was a hands on owner until a few months ago when he suddenly departed to go back and run his company.

Now with the facts of the FBI-IRS raid coming out, some are wondering if Haslam's departure from the team was because he knew there were problems with his company.

With the 2013 season approaching and training camps just a couple of months away, the Cleveland Browns didn't need this constant distraction they are facing with the FBI investigation.

It is always interesting to be a Cleveland Fan.

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