The Cleveland Browns could be seized by the Feds. That is what the Cleveland Media is reporting. With the trouble Haslam III and his company Pilot Flying J is facing, the media reports if the right kind of charges are filed and Haslam III is convicted on those charges the Cleveland Browns could become the possession of the federal government.

Really, could this be fact? The Browns have enough trouble running a football team. The last thing Cleveland Fans need is the federal government to come in and take control of the team. We see how they run the country, could you imagine if the government took control of the Cleveland Browns. What a mess Jimmy Haslam III has gotten the team into.

People were excited when he took ownership of the team that was handed down to Randy Learner. Many thought Learner was a bad owner because he didn’t care about the team.

Now, with Haslam III facing allegations of fraud, the day-to-day operations of the Cleveland Browns are left to Joe Banner. Haslam III was a hands on owner until a few months ago when he suddenly departed to go back and run his company.

Now with the facts of the FBI-IRS raid coming out, some are wondering if Haslam’s departure from the team was because he knew there were problems with his company.

With the 2013 season approaching and training camps just a couple of months away, the Cleveland Browns didn’t need this constant distraction they are facing with the FBI investigation.

It is always interesting to be a Cleveland Fan.

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Readers Comments (18)

  1. pbohara

    Whom in the ‘Cleveland Media’ is claiming that seizing the Browns is an imminent or even realistic possibility?

    • LG

      Lets see, Channel 3 news, Channel 5 news Channel 19 news and more…..Do you live in a cave? Besides they say it could happen. No one said it is imminent. If the charges all lined up a certain way and Haslam him self was convicted……That is a long shot according to Jimmy….He didn’t do anything wrong he says….

  2. Buckeye1717

    Absolutely no one is reporting that and there is no chance in the world that it will happen. You need to go to a writing class too. You have no idea where to put commas or capital letters. This whole post is a joke.

    • LG

      You need to learn how to watch the news. Everyone within the Entire Cleveland news media is reporting this. Are you blind???

    • ABrown

      Buckeye, I could easily say that anyone who criticizes grammar instead of argument is a joke — especially when you are wrong about LG’s article and have an obvious compound sentence comma error in your short post.

      But I won’t say that because that would be rude.

      As a retired English professor who not only taught all levels of writing classes, but also taught undergraduate and graduate students how to teach writing and how to use the three primary grammar systems used for teaching for almost 4 decades, grammar comments in this kind of debate forum are cheap shots and extremely rude.

  3. MPH

    What a mess this is and it’s only beginning!!!
    This could take years to even develop charges. Pilot J is a multi-billion dollar business with 550+ locations. From what I’ve read this doesn’t seem to be a company wide problem. They say things like looking at some executives and sales reps. Obviously Jimmy being CEO has him under the microscope. Although outcome maybe surprising. A judge awarded Haslam the option to reach out to customers about rebates which is kind of odd considering conflict of interest due to investigation. This will be a circus!!!!!

    • LG

      If some one would file a restraining order in their own state, maybe there would have been a different outcome yesterday.

  4. ABrown

    LG, it sounds like “who in the media is not talking about this?” would be a better question. And then I have to ask why there is so little talk about this in the sports discussion sites?

    I think it’s because of the special nature of Browns’ fans. We’d have to be impervious to bad news to remain hopeful every year. So what if our new owner is facing the most serious legal problems of any NFL owner in 25 years?

    This is a big deal, and I’m glad you are covering it, LG.

    One thing that I’m unhappy about is that the NFL let Haslem “buy” the team with so little money down — when they usually require, I believe, more than half in cash. Lerner still owns 30% of the team until 2014. Haslam has shown he wants to make more money any way possible. What would someone who still has control of the Browns for a while do to quickly make more money from owning a franchise when there are 3 viable cities clamoring for a team, and one of them, I’ve heard, is already building a stadium?

    • LG

      Looks like we have a Giant mess to deal with ABrown.

      • ABrown

        Right, LG, and it looks like some people realize how serious this is and others are busy burying their heads in the sand.

        • LG

          I would think people should wake up. It is coming to the point where the NFL is going to step in and do something. They hate to get dirt on their shield ABrown, especially with Goodell in there.

  5. ML

    Told you all that this would be a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bob DeGirolamo

    No this story is not a joke i wish it were,Haslams company Pilot Flying J were involved in a pattern of corrupt activity and were caught red handed.Now the important question what will happen to our team!!and his little ploy of reaching out to the wronged customers is a joke the damage is done all he is doing is buying them off.Jimmy go back to Knoxville and your corrupt state of Tennessee we don’t need you messing up our team!

  7. Buckeye1717

    Usually when people say the media is reporting something, they provide a link to where the media is saying that. Where is a link to any story from any media outlet saying the feds might seize the Browns? You’re just making stuff up.

    • LG

      Buckeye1717 do you live in the Cleveland Area? Have you seen the News? Call WEWS and ask them if they didn’t report that…

    • LG

      Here is a link from the Triv Show. WTAM radio everyday in Cleveland and throughout the Country. Also there is a link on the page where the prosecutor says the Feds could freeze all of Jimmy Haslam’s assets….Beleave me I don’t make this stuff up…..

  8. MT

    Really? The news stations are NOT reporting this – I watch them every morning and evening. It’s possible that the radio talk shows are but they need stuff to talk about and no one should ever take them serious. Also the Fed gov’t would NEVER take over the team – the NFL would – which could be just as bad as the gov’t.

    • LG

      MT, I saw it on the Cleveland News stations. Channel 5 news reported on it and show did others. If you and others missed it I am sorry. Also there is a link to one of my replies that takes you not only to Trivs page there is also a link on that page that takes you to a Tennessee news paper article where the prosecutor talks about the possibilities of what could be seized if and when this thing gets resolved…..

      Here is a statement from one former federal prosecutor… “Gerard Martin, a Baltimore attorney and former federal prosecutor, said he and some of his colleagues have been speculating about the possibility that the investigation could lead to a forfeiture order that could give the federal government control of the Cleveland Browns.” Here is the link to the article from the Tennessee media talking about it.


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