Indians lose again to RoyalsThe Cleveland Indians started a three game series in Kansas City looking to get a much-needed win for both Derek Lowe and the team. That didn’t even come close to happening. The Indians were beaten by the team that is in last place in the A.L. Central. Derek Lowe couldn’t even make it through 3 innings and he gave up 7 runs on 8 hits. Don’t look now Lowe fans, it could be Derek Lowe’s career is coming to an end. Lowe hasn’t won a game since the 4th of July, the guy who started the season strong doesn’t seem to have anything left. Lowe only had one strike out in his 2-1/3 innings work and the worse part is he is killing the bull pen with all the innings they have to work when he starts.

Manny Acta’s Indians have problems, the team is on a four game losing streak, they are 6 games back in the A.L. Central three games below .500 and there are no solutions to the Indians problems, the Indians front office continued to do what they do best before the trade deadline, Nothing…..

Acta went through two starting pitchers last night to try to salvage a game against the Royals. He use Tomlin who was going to start Thursday game and the Indians offense continued to produce poor numbers to lose to the Kansas City Royals 8-3. The Indians pitching hasn’t been very good on this road trip giving up 36 runs in four games and the offense has been able to keep pace with that kind of hitting by the opposition.

This is a deadly combination when you’re trying to make a move in the Division. Indians fans are left shaking their heads wondering how this Indians team could take the series from the Detroit Tigers and then drop 4 in a row to teams like the Twins and the Royals. The Indians need Heart, the players don’t seem to have any pride in the second half of the season. This is unacceptable.  It is time for Manny Acta to become a motivator…..

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  1. Bruce

    I’m a Cleveland fan and always have been, but I can’t watch them play and its even hard to look at the scoreboard. Nothing is new, its the same old story. Owners won’t do anything to build a good team. When they get a good player they loose them as soon as they become free agents because they won’t spend any money to resign them. Only good thing this year is they don’t have any star players to loose. Solution: Fans have to quit buying tickets so somebody gets the message. If that doesn’t work than close the franchise. Right now owners are just satisfied to go through the motions of operating a team without ever thinking of having a contender.


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