The Cleveland Indians should be considered innovators. They can’t even win a one run game and the innovation comes into play in their front office personnel. Look at the team’s Executive Vice President, General Manager Chris Antonetti as an example.

The guy has a job, making hundreds of thousands of dollars and he can’t see the need for a proven power hitter in the Tribes line-up. You ask, how is this innovative? The innovation comes in by placing an incompetent guy like Antonetti in the GM position and then making the team go out and play games with the players he give them.

The Tribe lost to the Minnesota Twins in a one run game and the reason is simply because Antonetti failed to do his job properly once again. Coming into the season he knew this team had no proven veteran power hitter in the line up and he did nothing about it.

How would you like to have a job where you get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for doing nothing year after year? We would all like to have it.

Until the Cleveland Indians realize that Chris Antonetti is one of the problems in the Indians line-up, it is going to be very difficult to win consistently. Losing a 1 run game to the Twins is all the prof anyone needs to see what is wrong with this baseball team.

The Indians pitchers threw an outstanding game and the Indians offense failed to do its job once again.

Get off you ass Mr. Antonetti. Get out there and make some calls and find this ball club someone who can hit a baseball and sign him up before we watch another losing season of baseball in Cleveland.

In other words, DO YOUR JOB……


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  1. Ken Ratajczak

    I agree. Not only that, every effort should have been made to keep Scott Kazmir. He was our only lefty starter, we had first hand and up close knowledge of his improved health status of his arm, and had the jump on every other team in existence. When our medical staff was telling our coaching staff that Kazmir was as healthy as before, if not better, we should have structured a long term deal then. Hell, if Antonetti thinks Kipnis is worth a $55 million dollar contract, Kazmir should have been worth a three year deal at a amount that would have given him enough financial security so that he couldn’t pass it up.
    I don’t think a staff of Masterson, Kazmir, Kluber, McAllister and Best of the Rest would be too shabby. Then again, as long as Antonetti thinks he can pick closers off the scrap heap, a staff of Tom Seaver,Sandy Koufax, Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens and Cy Young would have a hard time winning.

    • LG

      You’re right…..


    I agree completely. Chris A has Terry’s hands tied and we have three players in the minor leagues Lindor, Trevor and Jesse A who could definitely help this team. Put Axford as set up and let Cody be closer. How long will this go on and yes, another trade that Chris made? Reckon we can get a refund?????

    • LG

      There are no refunds in Indians baseball unfortunately…….


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