What do the Cleveland Indians need to do to become successful? They need to get a G.M. with a brain. For how many years do the Indians fans need to watch a team that cannot get it done in the second half of the season?

For how many years do the Cleveland Indians fans need to watch the team’s G.M Chris Antonetti do nothing before the trade deadline to help the team paying him large sums of money. It is getting old folks.

How Chris Antonetti¬† still continues to be employed by the Indians make one wonder if somehow this guy is related to the owner. Antonetti has to be blind. He can’t see his team is only one or two hitters away from post season play.

The Indians starting rotation is one of the best in the American league this month. They have given the Indians offense every opportunity to win ball games. The Tribe can’t do it, their offense is missing and everyone besides Antonetti can see it.

The Indians went out over the off season and they got some guys that they paid large sums of money to. They thought these guys were going to be difference makers. The Indians could be for real if they only had some offense.

How long is it going to take before Antonettis catches on? The Indians just got swept by the Atlanta Braves and they were in every game. If only the Indians had a bat. If only Antonetti could have made some moves before the trade deadline came and went again.

This guy has no clue. Why is he still holding the office of G.M.? The Indians brain trust is putting too much faith in a guy that does nothing to push the Indians to the top. They wonder why the fans don’t come to the ball park. They wonder why the Cleveland Indians don’t have the fan support a team near the top should have.

Take a look at the performance of Chris Antonetti and you can stop wondering. He is of no help to a team that could have made a run if only they could score some runs. You cannot win games by leaving guys on base inning after inning.

Get a clue Mr. Antonetti. You screwed to pooch once again and I am holding you personally responsible for this latest failure.


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Readers Comments (3)

  1. daddybcat

    Gotten. It’s gotten.

  2. Bill

    Couldn’t have said it better!!!

  3. Bill

    I could not have said it better!!!!! The last good GM that we had was John Hart.


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