The Cleveland Cavaliers will start a 7-game series with the Golden State Warriors tonight. The team's trip to the finals started early in the summer of 2014, it started with the 3 words coming out of  the mouth of LeBron James.

When James said; "I'm Coming Home." Cleveland fans knew the Cavaliers would be a better team. After all, the team just signed their young star Kyrie Irving to a max contract, and they would be gaining one of the best players in the history of the NBA with the return if King-James.

No one, including myself thought the Cavs would make it to the NBA Finals in the Kings first season back with the team. Now the Cleveland Cavaliers have a chance to bring the NBA Championship, to the City of Cleveland.

Tonight at 9:00P.M., the Cleveland Cavaliers will be All-In to make their run at making a championship dream come true. The Cavs look like the better team on paper, even though not many in the media are giving them a chance to win it all.

Those people don't know the desire of LeBron James. This NBA Championship probably has more meaning to James than any of the others he has won. LeBron James grew up in North-Eastern, Ohio, and he knows how bad the city wants to win.

In the play-offs we heard Cavaliers coach sum up the play of LeBron best. He said; "LeBron just wouldn't let the team lose. We saw the Cleveland Cavaliers dominate the best team in the Eastern Conference with their sweep of the Hawks.

Cleveland seems to rise to the occasion, and the team seems to continue to get better. Now with it all on the line, I expect LeBron's leadership to lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to an NBA Championship. If Blatt didn't think LeBron would let the team lose in the play-offs, what's his attitude going to be in the championship series?

The Cavs have a lot of talent. They are the better team heading into the finals. Golden State doesn't know what they are about to get hit with. When LeBron James said he was coming home, he also said it was to bring an NBA Championship to the city of Cleveland.

It was though his mind was made up, and now it's time to deliver on that statement. Although he didn't make any guarantees, I expect LeBron James to deliver. Why? Because that is what Lebron James does.

Now he has a supporting cast to help him. This Cleveland Cavaliers team is deep with talent. We saw guys step up their games all season long. Now with the championship on the line, I expect nothing less.

Welcome Home LeBron James, now it's time to show people around the world why you came back to North-Eastern, Ohio. Go get them a NBA Championship!!!!


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