Kyrie Irving told a group of reporters the only way he would get better is to shut it down for a while. Then head coach Byron Scott said he has no problems shutting the young guard down for the rest of the season. Next thing we know we have the Cavaliers team saying there was a  miscommunication. Some think some of these injuries are being staged so the Cavaliers won’t win too many games. I heard a radio host say that yesterday, he went on to say the Cavs could use another high draft pick. I’m not saying I believe it but it wouldn’t surprise me if the guy was right.

I can’t understand what could be a  miscommunication  between Kyrie and the team’s head coach. They see each other all the time. I imagine when the coach sees Kyrie he asks the kid how he is doing, then if Kyrie’s knee hurts he probably would say, not so good my knee hurts. Irving is a smart guy, if his knee hurt to the point that he couldn’t play he would be the first guy to say so. He knows how important it is to continue to play in the NBA.. If his knee was a serious problem, he would let the coach know.


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