The long awaited Lockout has ended and the Cleveland Cavaliers will open their doors today for the first time since drafting Kyrie Irving as their number one pick. When the Cavs open for business today will Irving take advantage of this opportunity to get to work? Irving could be the next Mark Price in a Cav’s uniform the 6’2 180 lbs. guard could help the Cavaliers this season with his speed. It is always exciting for a number one pick to get to work with the team, this year the excitement was pro-longed with the NBA lockout.

The Cavaliers who went 19-63 last season have got plenty of work to do and Irving needs to get up to speed in the NBA as quickly as possible. The NBA season is slated to start December 25th and the Cavaliers take to the floor with their first home game December 27th.

With the Cavaliers only winning 19 games last season and the NBA lockout it will be interesting to see how the Cleveland Fans support the team this season. Kyrie Irving could be in for a strange welcoming once the season starts. There are some in Cleveland that thinks the Cavaliers made a mistake taking Irving.

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