The Cleveland Cavaliers saw Kyrie Irving, named as the All-Star games MVP. He had a lot of fin playing with all the talent around him, Irving scored 31 points, and he racked up 14 assists to help his team from the Eastern Conference over come an 18 point  deficit in the second half to beat the West.

The Cavaliers haven’t had an All-Star MVP since the days of LeBron James and we all know what happened to him. Now the Cavaliers have to be wondering of getting a taste of playing with the best in the NBA will relight the fire under Irving to leave Cleveland.

Just a few weeks ago a story surfaced saying people close to Irving were informed he wants out of Cleveland. Since then the Cavaliers have fired their GM and went on a 4 game win streak before the All-Star break.

Irving was playing like the Irving the Cavs drafted. You can see by his All-Star performance he has the game and he could help the Cavaliers continue to win if he is happy.

The Cavaliers have to find a way to keep this rising NBA star. He is unstoppable when he wants to be and he can help Cleveland get to where Gilbert wants his team to be.

But given the chance to play with better players like he did last night in the All-Star game, you have to wonder if Kyrie would take it.

He certainly had fun in the All-Star game and that doesn’t happen often enough in Cleveland. Lets hope he comes back from this MVP experience and continues to have this kind if fun with the Cavaliers.

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. pihc

    So… you use a link from someone posting “If you leave, take Mike Brown with you” as your proof that Kyrie says he wants out.

    Ummmm something is missing.

    • LG

      Where have you been? Everyone was reporting he wanted out. Not sure what the case is now that the team got rid of Grant, but Kyrie wanting out was everywhere.

  2. Rise

    Kyrie, PLEASE don’t be like LeBron. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders, and you’re better looking than LeBron :)
    While Mike Brown has his faults, he did take the raw talent that LeBron had and directed that to create the “King” that LeBron claims himself to be. Let Brown continue to hone your many talents to the benefit of the Cavs. Cleveland could use a hero, and that would make you more than LeBron ever dreamed of being when he took his “talents to South Beach”. Yeah, it’s cold and snowy in Cleveland. But the heart of a Cleveland fan is is warmer than anywhere else. Talk to A.C. Talk to Wilkins. They will tell you – loyalty and heart are Cleveland and Ohio traits that are rewarded here (and everywhere)! Congratulations on being the All-Star MVP!

  3. Rise

    BTW, also now that Stern is gone (thank heavens!) Cleveland might also get some respect from the League (I hope!). And, Kyrie’s MVP status is just the beginning! Look at all the players that were drafted by the Cavs that are now solid players on other teams. Stern hated that LeBron went to Cleveland and he had been punishing the team ever since. With Stern gone, the talents of Cleveland players aren’t being pressured to get out of the “small market” that Stern isolated. It’s not just Gilbert’s departure that I celebrate, it’s Stern’s as well!


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