The Cleveland Cavaliers lost another game. Even though Kyrie Irving hit for 31 points in his first game back since being benched by injury. The Cavaliers did what they have done all season long. They came out of the locker room and played the 3rd quarter as flat as the hardwood they played on. Cleveland went in for the half-time break with a 1 point lead.

They came out in the 3rd quarter and were out-scored by the Hornets 36-24. Again the 3rd quarter was the demise of the Cavaliers. They need to come out and control at least the first five minutes. For some reason the Cavaliers can't get it through their heads, NBA games last for 48 minutes and they need to play hard for 48 minutes.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had the same problem for 2 seasons. You have to wonder what Byron Scoot is telling these guys. How come he can't get it through the team's head to play hard for the entire game?

You would think by now Scott has had to tell them. If he can't get the message delivered to his team who can? Should Dan Gilbert be considering a new head coach? If I were in charge I would certainly have a conversation to see what Scott's problem is.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a record of 22-50, this is past the point of disgusting. You can see this team has the talent to win in the NBA, they competed with the Heat until the end of the game and they played hard against the Boston Celtics and won against the Thunder.

They should be able to compete with a team like the Hornets. There is no excuse to lose by 20 points to the Hornets. Someone is not getting the message.



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